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Hollywood Celebrity & Masked Singer Judge Lindsey Lohan Promoted to Player One Host – P1NG

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Hollywood celebrity and Masked Singer Australia judge Lindsay Lohan will be gracing the SYN airwaves as Player One’s newest host in 2020.

Lindsay Lohan expressed how honoured she was to be offered hosting duties for SYN’s flagship gaming show.

“This is the next step for my career. I thought I peaked at Mean Girls, until then I peaked again on The Masked Singer. But I think my new personal career highlight is joining the Player One team in 2020, helmed by new Executive Producer Connor Matthews.”

“Not many people know this, but I’ve always wanted to be on a platform where I can express my love of the Melbourne video game scene.”

In other news, P1NG has rejected criticism that suggests it has shifted from real news to PR puff pieces.

“Absolute rubbish”, Connor yelled to his own reporter, “budget restraints aside, P1NG will continue to hold politicians video games to account”.

“Player One returns Monday 27th of January 2020, at 8pm on SYN!”

Words by Stefan.
‘P1NG’ logo by Nick.
‘Player One News Gatherers’ (‘P1NG’) is Player One’s Investigative Journalism Unit

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