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May 1st Player One Playlist

Super Mario Sunshine – Tutti i Frutti: The Ballad of Piantee Joe, an OCRemix by MC Final Sigma and Jordanius

Clouds Away –  a Donkey Kong Country 2 OCRemix by Bekah Jones, Digi Valentine and Palpable

The Bannered Mare – composed  by Jeremy    Soule for The Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim.

Cohen’s Masterpiece – Bioshock

Wallachian Palace – a Banjo-Kazooie OCRemix by OA

Theme of Hulk – Marvel VS Capcom 3

Theme of Iron Man – Marvel vs Capcom 3

SeeD – Final Fantasy 8

The Black Mages – Bombing Mission    

The Black Mages – Blue Blast: Winning the Rainbow

Chrono Trigger – No Time – OC Remix by JAXX

Mega Man 2003 – a remix of Mega Man 3 by Gecko Yamori


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