Measuring SYN’s radio programs

Last November at SYN we held a census to gather information about our radio broadcasters and programs – a bit of a “health check” of our radio programs.
Over the period of a week, all programs filled out a comprehensive survey about their show’s content, their music, the technology they used to produce content and their skills.

There were some cool stats that emerged from the census responses, and some which indicated more work was needed…

  • Genders on air: 54% male, 46% female
  • Average age of SYN radio broadcasters: 19.4 years old
  • Ten languages were spoken on air in the census period
  • More than 20 community groups share information via SYN each week
  • Our music is very diverse – 30% of music is Australian
  • 74% of SYN radio programs have an active online presence
  • Our programs are highly interactive via the in-studio SMS line, Twitter and Facebook during programming
  • About 20% of programs indicated they experienced technical problems during their show, indicating room for improvement in our infrastructure

We’ll use the results of the census to inform and improve our programming, community participation and diversity of content in 2011. Big thanks to all our very cooperative broadcasters who diligently filled out the census survey, too!

February 8th 2011
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