Media-making resources

SYN’s media training resources include:

  • video tutorials
  • podcasts
  • downloadable fact sheets.

These resources were created by a team of SYN volunteers, trainers and media-makers, and are free and available for anyone to use.

SYN’s media training resources teach a range of skills: from planning a radio show and operating a microphone for an interview, through to using editing programs like Windows MovieMaker and iMovie to cut footage.

Keep exploring our resources section for SYN’s teacher resources, workshop podcasts from our workshops program, and external resources that you may find useful.

General training resources

  • Using audio-editing software: Audacity and GarageBand: these video tutorials will teach you a range of skills in both Audacity and GarageBand software, including how to record audio; add tracks; edit and delete audio; add music; add sound effects and export audio.

Remember that you can download Audacity for free. You must also download and install the LAME encoder, to export your files as mP3s in Audacity.

  • Using video-editing software: these video tutorials will teach you how to edit video footage with iMovie HD and Windows MovieMaker. There are also videos that show you how to shoot a video and how to host a video segment.

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