Meet the 2022 Leadership Team

LT 2022 list



The Leadership Team are SYN’s go-to Volunteers for shaping the sound of SYN. They are the heads of our Flagship programming and behind the scenes operations, and are provided professional development opportunities to continue to grow their skills in media broadcasting.

Programming Lead
 – Dragan Tomic – [email protected]
Scheduling and broadcasting enquiries related to Flagship programming.

Seasonal Lead – Lily Crisp – [email protected]
Scheduling, broadcasting and application enquiries related to Seasonal programming.

Regional Lead – Position vacant,  please email Programming Lead – [email protected]
Scheduling and broadcasting enquiries related to Hub programming.


Podcast Lead – Nicolas Dellaportas 
– [email protected]
Application, training and development enquiries related to SYN’s podcasting platforms.

Features Lead – Position vacant, please email Music Talks Lead  – [email protected]
Online features (film, TV, music, books, art, and culture reviews) enquiries.

Social Leads – Jack Davidson and Xenia Sanut – [email protected]
Social media content and collaboration enquiries.


Music Leads – Grace Dudley, Louis Parkinson & Vanessa Violo
 – [email protected]
Music submissions and feature music play-listing enquiries.

Music Talks Lead – Thomas O’Brien – [email protected]
Interviews enquiries and support for Flagship music programs (The Hoist, New & Approved, Sunday Sweets, Asian Pop Nation, The Hip Hop Show, Moshpit, and Housemates). Please also contact the selected program EP/s too.

Specialist Talks Lead – Jacob Scanlon – [email protected]
Interview enquires and support for Flagship talk programs (Art Smitten, Get Cereal, In Joke, Represent, Ready Player One, Panorama, Loud & Queer, The Naughty Rude Show, and Raise The Platform). Please also contact the selected program EP/s too.


Amplify EP – Isabella Coldbeck – [email protected]
Under 18s only!

Art Smitten EPs – Cristina Ulloa Sobarzo & Portia Horsfall – [email protected]
Narrm/Melbourne and Australian arts and culture.

Asian Pop Nation EP – Lishalini – [email protected]
Dedicated to Asian music and culture.

Get Cereal EPs – Chris Horsfall & Liam Smith-Thompson – [email protected]
Say good morning to some breakfast radio content.

Hip Hop Show EP – Michelle Sibanda – [email protected]
The home of local and international hip hop.

The Hoist EPs – Tess Barber & Rebecca Martyn – [email protected]
Giving local music a lift!

Housemates EP – Position Vacant, email Programming Lead – [email protected]
The house of electronic and dance music on SYN.

In Joke EP – Position vacant, email the Specialist Talks Lead – [email protected]
Comedy lounge but make it radio.

Loud & Queer EP – Sammy Perryman – [email protected]
The voice of queer youth and music.

Moshpit EP – Hannah Pratt – [email protected]
Open the pit for punk and metal night on SYN.

Naughty Rude EPs – India Barrow & Zack Goutzoulas – [email protected]
All things sexuality, gender, identity, relationships, and mental health.

New & Approved EP – Jemma Perelaer – [email protected]
Fresh new music from around the world.

Panorama EPs – Gemma Grant & Kendra Jewell – [email protected]
News and current affairs.

Player One EPs – Demitra McCarthy & Eleni Thomas – [email protected]
We’re talking video games!

Raise The Platform EP – Rachael Vasallo – [email protected]
Telling the stories and experiences of young people with disabilities.

Represent EPs – George Kostakos & Mimi Hoffman – [email protected]
The hour of politics.

The Sports Desk EPs – Position vacant, please email Programming Lead – [email protected]

Sunday Sweets EP – Sarah Davenport – [email protected]
Spinning SYN’s Sweet 16 and Feature Albums.

1700 EPs – Andrew Irving & Eliza Saville 
 – [email protected]
A SYNx RMITV Music TV show supporting Australian artists, broadcasting online and on Channel 31.

1700 Music Lead – Julia Vitiello – [email protected]
Music video submissions and enquiries.

1700 Talks Lead – Taymouth Brook – [email protected]
1700 artist interview and performance enquiries.