Megalodon Music By Hi Trax (EP) Review


Megalodon Music by Hi Trax is EP released through Uncomfortable beats record label. The Group features producer RaptorHandz (A.K.A Able8), Joe Snow (Defenders Of Style, UK) and Hilltop Hoods APRA grant recipient Sinks. An EP to listen to if you enjoy getting pumped up and enjoy grime like beats and vocals. Reviewers selection to listen to Bang em out feat Devilman and Royal Flush.

Bandcamp Link:

Bang em out by Hi Trax Youtube Video:


  1. Locked - Hi Trax
  2. Basic - Hi Trax
  3. Bang Em out feat Devilman - Hi Trax
  4. Vortex - Hi Trax
  5. Royal Flush - Hi Trax