Is this Melbourne’s answer to HBO’s Girls?

Alexandra Hines and Chloe Martin star in C31 dramedy 'Dee-Brief'.

Alexandra Hines and Chloe Martin joined Brent, Lloyd and Kelly on Get Cereal this morning to chat about their new show, Dee-Brief.

Billed as Melbourne’s answer to HBO’s Girls, Dee-Brief tells the story of two best friends – girls Dee and Kate – who move in together after Dee ends a long-term relationship.

Although, the catalyst for the story is the break-up, the series focuses on the two leading ladies as they navigate their way through life in their late twenties in Collingwood.

It is based on real-life experiences (with just a little creative licence).

Dee-Brief premieres on C31 tonight at 7pm and continues every Monday night for three weeks before moving to YouTube.

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