How To Add A New Post

Step 1. Hover over “Posts” in the left hand column and click “Add New”

Add Media Guide 1

Step 2. You will be taken to this page. Here you can add a title, description, categories, images, etc. to the post.

Add Media Guide 2

Step 3. Check “Audio” under categories

Add audio 4

Step 4. Click “Add Media” and you will be taken to the Media Library. From here you can grab pre-existing media from the Media Library. Additionally you can Upload Files for your new content and audio.

Add Media Guide 4

Step 5. Add your contributors. Add the songs you played in the “playlist” section. Search for the name of your show underneath “Show Reference” so it appears on the show page

Add Audio 3

Step 6. Fill out the rest of the sidebar, adding Tags, Topics, and a Featured Image. You can schedule or back date posts here too.

Add Media Guide 8

Step 7. When you’re ready, click publish

Add Audio 6