Day 5- 2nd of August 2013 LAST DAY NO!!! When I got in today I was like, what more could there be for us to do? We’ve done so much this whole week and apparently experienced things that other work experience kids didnt get to experience. But how I was wrong.  Guess what guys you’re airing your own show live in about 45 minutes! what. Yer so basically Lachlan and I got to do our own radio show! We came up with ideas which were mainly to do with the Internet and our childhood. We also got to pick out songs for the show but they didnt burn to disk soooo we just used Masons iPod.. (I hope that’s his name) but overall I gained some real confidence from it. Leading upto it I was like, NOPENOGOD NOI AIN’T DOING THISIM NOT PREPAIREDPLEASE NODAMMIT NO!!! But as soon as we started talking it was E-ZAY! My parents and family listened in and were like “oh my gosh that was great!” But what can I say, I’m just that good. Haha joking, joking… But Lachlan was fun to talk with and get to know, even though we didnt get each others names or anything on fb so.. Unless I decide to go stalk I might not see him again. 🙁 but idk, maybe ill do some stalking in my free time, it shouldn’t be that hard to find him. But in the end we pretty much just put everything we did all week onto a disc and that was it. the week was so fun! And although I did miss my friends at school it was probably one of the best weeks this year for me. I kinda liked doing this blog thing as well, I might start one on tumblr or something, idk.  ANYWAY!! Madi out! 🙂 🙁 thanks SYN 🙂 xxxoooxxxoooxo


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