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Episode 1: Metallica vs Megadeth

Puppetz v Rust

In the very first edition of ‘The Great Metal Standoff’, Jason has kicked things off by attempting to settle the 30+ year debate by pitting Metallica and Megadeth head-to-head in a battle between their legendary albums ‘Master of Puppets’ & ‘Rust In Peace’. To help with precedings, Jason acquired Rhys McKenzie, bassist for a local Melbourne Death Metal band ‘Escarion’ to breakdown and discuss what makes these albums so iconic.

Can they find a winner? Or will they merely throw more fuel onto the never-ending fire?

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Episode 3: AC/DC vs MOTORHEAD

On this episode of ‘The Great Metal Standoff’, it’s good old fashioned Rock n’ Roll with AC/DC most recognised and best-selling album […]