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MICF Review – Nick Cody: Beard Game Strong


ACMI, Federation Square, Melbourne

Tuesday – Saturday 8.30pm, Sunday 7.30pm (60mins)

Now showing as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival until April 19.


The deep thuds of rap music emerging from ACMI’s ‘Cube’ theatre made for an interesting atmosphere for Nick Cody’s show ‘Beard Game Strong’ on a Sunday night. Once inside the venue, the rap music faded away and the announcer, whom we later discovered was in fact Nick Cody himself because he’s “not famous enough to have (his) own announcer”, opened the show.

At first glance, Nick ‘CRU$HER’ Cody reminded me of fellow Australian comedian Peter Helliar as both possess similar builds, full-face smiles and great pub-storyteller mannerisms. Cody, however, possessed a much more impressive beard and a greater passion for thickshakes. Cody’s passion is so great that he even confessed to make it his New Year’s resolution to “get fit and try more thickshakes”.

Cody’s awkward yet amusing personal experiences formed the basis of the show. Highlights included the time he spent New Year’s Eve in Bali and contracted ‘Bali Belly’ which he suspected could be attributed to “cold pink chicken”. He then segued into a description of a brief desire to get a tattoo – ‘fortune favours the brave’ in Latin on his inner arm. Cody assured the audience that he was “not a wanker” and did not get said tattoo despite extensive research to find the correct Latin translation.

Cody described the first meeting between his new girlfriend and his “loose unit” parents. Upon entering the family home, Cody’s mother proudly indicated the photo wall behind her, where multiple photos of Cody and his ex-girlfriend had been replaced by cut out head shots, sourced from the new girlfriend’s Facebook page.

Arguably the peak moment of the show was when Cody invited the audience to help him re-record the audio book of Victorian Star recipient Mark Donaldson’s biography. Cody explained that he had never heard an audio book before, thinking that it would consist of theatrical voice acting and sound effects from the movies. Much to his disappointment, neither of these aspects was present in this audio book. Cody wanted to rectify this by making his own version with audience generated sound effects.

‘Beard Game Strong’ is a great show by upcoming Australian comedian, Nick Cody. 

– Lauren Klein


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