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When I first applied for a work experience placement, and then received the news I had been successful and offered the placement at SYN I was over the moon! I am very interested in media and I made sure this opportunity would not pass. 

On day one of my work experience week I was introduced to my partner (Jessica) who will be completing her work experience at the same time as me, as well as meeting all of the staff members and to their roles at the radio station. We were given a run through of the tasks and regulations that are followed in order to produce a radio station and given time to explore SYN’s website and have a listen of some of the recent podcasts that had been recorded. Followed by listening to podcasts we were given the task to file through an assortment of CD demos that record labels had recently sent to SYN. Coming to 5 o’clock we met the Amplify (radio show) producer and travelled to SYN’s studios where we were able to sit in and listen to the Amplify show hosted by 2 under 18’s. This experience was a real eye opener to watch all how all of the hosts and producers worked together to put forward a great show free to air. 

Of the second day of work experience we also too completed a series of activities ranging from picking up mail at the post office as well as being part of an office meeting. The experience of being part of and office meeting was positive as I learned about the different issues that are expressed in a meeting and the significance of working in a team and as well as keeping well communicated to ensure all past, present and future events run smoothly. 

For me the first two days of this experience was heaps of fun and really made me think of all of the future possibilities and pathways that are possible in the media industry. The people have been really nice and the tasks interesting. I have learned a lot about the importance of cooperation and leadership that is needed to create a good product. Although it was only my first day I already felt like I have learned a lot about the different aspects of working in a radio station. I have really enjoyed the past two days as well as meeting new people and using different skills to complete different tasks.

— Michaela Galt


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