‘Gayby Baby’: Reviewed by Jai Cameron

 “A contemporary, innovate and challenging film that will change you!”- Jai Cameron

Rating: 4.5/5

An Australia documentary (85 mins, directed by Maya Newell). Premiering at the Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) through Next Gen.

‘Gayby Baby’, directed by Maya Newell is a contemporary, innovate and changeling documentary based on how four same sex couples raise their children in modern Australia. The documentary has premiered as part of the Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) season and will educate, enlighten and challenge the cinematic audience that views it. Newell has assembled four children aged between 11 and 12 who are undergoing challenges faced by being raised by same sex couples. The beauty of this film is that each family and child is individual and contrasting- allowing a diverse spectrum into how same sex couples raise their children.

Like all families each individual arises problematic challenges. This film rekindles the idea that love conquers all politics and prejudice.

Gus is a 10 year old boy who is challenged by his masculinity and is obsessed with WWE wrestling. Raised by two mums Gus throughout the film is challenged by becoming a man.

Ebony is 12 years old and is raised by two mums. Wanting to purse musical theatre at Newtown Performing Arts High Ebony faces the issue of belonging and being accepted by her peers. What is heartbreaking in the film is scenes were Ebony’s brother suffers epilepsy. The love and strength shown by the family is truly astonishing. It once again shows the heart-warming look into the perspective of these family lives.

Matt is 11 years old and is raised by two mums. Matt beautifully challenges religious views and questions his faith in regards to gay marriage allowing a contemporary and dynamic view relating to the continuous issue of gay marriage in Australia. 

Graham is 11 years old and is raised by two dads. Graham’s story evokes the most pathos as he was adopted and never taught to speak or read. Re-establishing his confidence in Fiji and being comfortable to read and write, Graham makes an improved journey throughout the film.

Issues of acceptance, normality, masculinity, sexuality, literacy, marriage equality and faith are demonstrated through the film and evoke the reality and the emotion as intended.

‘Gayby Baby’ is a film regardless of your beliefs that will change you. The film is the number one must see at the Melbourne International Film Festival this year!

For more information visit www.thegaybyproject.com or http://miff.com.au/program/next-gen/gayby-baby

GAYBY BABY – Showing exclusively at Cinema Nova from September 3
Special advance screening event and Meet The Filmmakers Q&A with director MAYA NEWELL and producer CHARLOTTE MARS on Wednesday September 2, 6.30pm.


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