MikeKay & Wooshie – “Split EP”

Lanky synth nerd MikeKay and obsessive crate digger Wooshie come together to drop some heat for the label, This Thing’s maiden release, building on their devastating live shows and unreleased beats that have been turning up in all the right places.

MikeKay (aka Mike Katz) creates hyperactive sounds for pulsing dancefloors. Expect anything from clunky, sample-driven slow jams to cosmic rave experiments, centered around bubbling jazz chords and future funk rhythms.
Wooshie (aka Dylan Michel) is an obsessive crate digger and youtube-meme sample junkie. Perth-born, he has made his mark on the Melbourne scene with his live sets and cerebral, futuristic productions. Traversing into deeper textural territory, Wooshie pushes the mid-range EQ’s to their limits.