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Mind Games Episode 6: Eating with Robots


Adam has hypothesised that the be-all and end-all of the human/AI relationship will be determined by going out to eat with a robot. In ‘Unprofessional Investigators’ Adam asks whether it would be awkward to go about the typical human thing of going out for a meal, but with a robot

Also, during the week, Jason had discovered a piece of music news that he believed was the epitome of Mind Games by discussing ‘Threatin’. A music project found out to have faked an entire record label, agency, promotion and fan base to conduct a UK tour only for no one to turn up.

Plus, a Mind Games first happened during this week’s riddle. Find out that and many more, right now!!


  1. Underneath the Mistletoe - Sia
  2. What They Want - Russ
  3. Carry On - Tkay Maidza
  4. Man In The Box - Alice In Chains
  5. Mom Would Agree - Token

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