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Mind Games Episode 5: 1Fall Entertainment


In the last week, Jason had discovered a wrestling promotion based from right here in RMIT: 1Fall Entertainment.

Therefore this week Adam and Jason got the chance to meet the minds behind the promotion that is bringing Australian Professional Wrestling back to free-to-air TV, General Manager Michael Thompson and his intern KV.

While Mr Thompson was rather late in his appearance, KV discussed his favourite wrestlers of all time and the best wrestlers in Australia today.

Once the GM made his presence known, the room began to fill with tension. As Adam & Jason discovered that their working relationship may be on shakier ground than initially thought. In the meantime, they discussed ‘Studio Superstars’, Six nights of live wrestling in the RMIT Studios and the 6-man championship scramble match to determine the inaugural 1Fall Openweight Champion.


  1. Rise - Divyded
  2. When Legends Rise - Godsmack
  3. 2000 n Something - Kaiit
  4. Nothing Matters - Nardean
  5. Hail To The King - Avenged Sevenfold


KV The Intern
Michael Thompson


Jason Evans
Adam Abdullatif

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