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Mind Games Episode 9: Celebrating The Simpsons w/ Ross Carroll


Adam & Jason celebrated the legacy of ‘The Simpsons’ this week on Mind Games, to do that they needed to bring in the biggest Simpsons nerd they could find! The most famous Youtuber EVER!!… in their social circle, Ross Sexton-Carroll.

Here, the three discuss the best episodes of the Simpsons at their peak, the best of ‘Treehouse of Horror’ and the shows’ overarching legacy.

Plus, who really sang ‘Lisa, It’s Your Birthday’? Michael Jackson? his impersonator? Did the producers ever know? And how is Homer’s beloved catchphrase “D’oh” really written?


  1. The Hardest Button To Button - The White Stripes
  2. Drop da Bomb - Party Posse (The Simpsons)
  3. The Monorail Song - The Simpsons
  4. Jazzman - Carole King
  5. Lisa, It's Your Birthday - Michael Jackson?? (The Simpsons)


Ross Sexton-Carroll


Jason Evans
Adam Abdullatif

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