“Moment Bends” – Architecture In Helsinki

Quite a few weeks ago I got the chance to witness first hand the amazing stage performance of Architecture in Helsinki at this year’s Golden Plains music festival. They came in on the second night playing close to midnight, walking on stage resembling a classic eighties wedding band, decked out in white tuxedos and Kellie Sutherland dressed in a sparkly sequin dress. Among some old and classic Architecture tunes they also played some new songs of their latest, and the crowd went nuts.
Moment Bends, the fourth album from the band and four years since Places Like This, is one that has been anticipated for quite a long time. Ever since the release of the indie-dance-infused ‘That Beep’ in 2008 fans have been warming their hands for more. To say that they delivered is an understatement all in itself.

Just like Places Like This, Moment Bends is filled to the brim with dance and party hits. Just like the first single of the album ‘Contact High’ at the very start of the album, plays just like a classic Architecture song but with a tint of disco and more fun. Even though it’s a song that is hard to understand lyrically the music will take over and you’ll be singing along to the computerized voices not knowing what is actually being said.
‘I Know Deep Down’ is another example of those enveloping hypnotic beats and a catchy chorus that really captures the pop/dance of the album. It feels as the album goes on, that the party is only beginning. It starts on a high with ‘Contact High’ and ‘Escapee’ and then it starts to slow with ‘Sleep Talkin’ and then kicks it up a gear as you hear the footsteps at the start of ‘That Beep’. Just watch you’ll be singing beeps throughout the night.
To be honest the album resembles their concert performance. It’s full of some danceable songs but also some intimate ones as well. Sit back, turn the lights off, turn it up loud and chill out with your dancing feet to Moment Bends. You’ll feel like you’re there right in front of them.
– Tim Green