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Monday 03/08/2015 Playlist


1.    Jidenna – Classic Man (INT SWEET 16)

2.    Son Lux – You Don’t Know Me

3.    Chalkk – Attack (AUS SWEET 16)

4.    The Crash Narrative- Horizon

5.    Slim Twig – Slippin’ Slidin’ (INT SWEET 16)

6.    GhostChant – Nights Like These (ft. Sarah Zad)

7.    Hurst – Tom (AUS SWEET 16)

8.    Ducktails- Into The Sky

9.    Cosmo’s Midnight- Walk With Me ft Kucka

10.  Mas Ysa– Garden  (Seraph- INT FEATURE ALBUM)

11.  Joshua Seymour- Two or Few

12.  The Ruminaters – Ghost Porn (AUS SWEET 16)

13.  The Chemical Brothers- Under Neon Lights

14.  William Street Strikers- Sorrow

15.  Tex Perkins & The Dark Horses- All Is Quiet (Tunnel At The End Of The Light- AUS FEATURE ALBUM)

16.  Wesley Fuller- Shock Me

17.  Cold War Kids – One Song At A Time (INT SWEET 16)

18.  Mezko – Golden

19.  Lucy Rose- Like An Arrow

20. Low Commotion- Mango Retreat

21.  State Champs- Secrets

22. Flash Drive- Wave Rider feat. Baby

23. Good For You- Selena Gomez feat. A$AP Rocky

24. Bodyache- Purity Ring



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