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Monday 10th February


Schapelle Corby

– Apparently being paid $3m to sell her story. Fair?

– Are we meant to care?

PDA (public displays of affection) – yay or nay?

– when we were younger it used to be cool to do on dancefloor/parties,etc

– what about when parents do it?


Picking up in clubs

– Pick up lines – The good, the bad, the ugly. (math test line)

– Women who are rude to men who approach them in clubs, not fair on self esteem.

– Secrets of a pick-up artist?



Monday’s track list – celebrating 10 years since Kanye’s debut album ‘College Dropout’ 1. “Intro” Kanye West 0:192. “We Don’t Care” Kanye West 3:593. “Graduation Day” Kanye West 1:224. “All Falls Down” (featuring Syleena Johnson) Kanye West 3:435. “I’ll Fly Away” Kanye West 1:096. “Spaceship” (featuring GLC & Consequence) Kanye West 5:247. “Jesus Walks” Kanye West 3:138. “Never Let Me Down” (featuring Jay-Z & J. Ivy) Kanye West 5:249. “Get Em High” (featuring Talib Kweli & Common) Kanye West 4:4910. “Slow Jamz” (featuring Twista & Jamie Foxx) Kanye West 5:16


February 15th 2014
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