SYN 90.7

Monday 27/07/2015 Playlist


1.    Lowtide – Spring (AUS SWEET 16)

2.    NŌVA – More

3.    Introverted Dancefloor- Happiness Is Such A Mess

4.    Ratatat- Drift (MagnifiqueINT FEATURE ALBUM)

5.    I’lls- Agwa

6.    A Copy For Collapse – Grey Sunday (INT SWEET 16)

7.    NAFASI – Window

8.    Slow Turismo – I Sit Down As Soon As I Get Up (AUS SWEET 16)

9.    Gold Class – Life As A Gun

10.  Drown This Fury- Fracture

11.  Mac DeMarco – I’ve Been Waiting For Her (INT SWEET 16)

12.  Willhelm Tell Me- Growing Younger

13.  Dam-Funk – We Continue

14.  Art Of Sleeping- If Only You Could Ease My Mind (Shake ShiverAUS FEATURE ALBUM)

15.  Roseau – New Glass

16.  Voltaire Twins – Modern Gore (AUS SWEET 16)

17.  I’lls – Keep

18.  Playwrite- Animals Housed

19.  The Winachi Tribe – Time For Love (INT SWEET 16)

20. On and On- Its Not Over


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