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Mood Swing Mondays with Bec and Jac – FINAL SHOW #BRITNEYWEEK


For the very last show on Mood Swing Monday’s it was Britney Spears week, where Bec and Jac remebered some of Britneys most iconic moments. Played a new song and of course reminiced and danced over ‘Oops, I did it again’ and Jac got Bec to confess just how big of a fan she was.

They got you updated with the latest Celebrity gossip, incuding Justin Biebers new dating Scandal. 

They played ‘Do you work bitc#’ Asking listeners the Question: What would you do for $1000? And there may be a naughty resonse in there that Bec agreed with. 

Finally Bec and Jac competed in a langauge game where they tried to learn Spanish with the Help from our good friend Liz. 

It was a show of random moments, laughter and great music. 

Thank you to all the listeners for letting us turn your Monday frowns upside down. 

Please stay up to date VIA our Facebook, you can find us at ‘The Bec and Jac Show’

Take care and have a great Christmas and New Year. 

– Bec and Jac

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