Morning News Hit with Asyiqin Sanif for 14 February 2023

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Asyiqin Sanif brings you the latest from the SYN Newsroom.

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U.K. Lock In

SYN’s Coming of Age celebrations continued last night, with podcast producer Bree Steele returning to the station.

Steele’s show featured two hours of the best British tracks across all eras and generations.

She also reflected on some of her favourite interviews from the SYN archives.

“So I came SYN, and I started this show and it changed my life,” Steele said on air.

“I’ve interviewed so many artists and met so many people and now I’ve got a full time career, all because of SYN and the amazing impact it’s had on so many people’s lives.”

The community broadcaster is marking 20 years on the air since splitting from Triple R.

Housing Pledge

State Housing Minister Colin Brooks has announced a $50 million investment in housing projects to tackle youth homelessness in Victoria.

Melbourne and regional communities including Wangaratta will see 130 homes built as part of the investment.

The homes will support young people leaving out of home care through integration with education and employment services.

Out of home care advocate Ruby Sait welcomes the news.

“I’m a young person from Wangaratta who’s experienced out of home care and youth homelessness,” Sait told SYN News.

“I began advocating for young people in similar situations because everyone should have a safe place to live, and I’m so excited to hear the Victorian government is investing to make sure that’s possible.”

People aged 15 to 24 make up over 16 per cent of Victoria’s homeless population.

Burnout Warning

The Banyans Chief Psychologist Peter Hayton has raised concerns about a rise in people suffering from burnout.

The comments come after New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s shock resignation last month, citing “nothing left in the tank”.

Hayton says young people are particularly at risk as universities and high schools recommence.

“So with work and study and those kind of things, we always don’t get to pick when we can have a break,” Hayton told SYN News.

“If we’ve had a difficult time over the summer, like Jacinda said she had, it means that we might not be prepared for this semester.  And it can be difficult to deal with that and to cope with that stress and aggravation.”

You can hear that full interview on Minds in Tune tonight at 5 p.m.

Love Island

And finally, still searching for a gift this Valentine’s Day? Croatia may have you covered!

Just off the country’s coast, a piece of the uninhabited, heart shaped island of Galešnjak is on the market to developers.

The so-called ‘Island of Love’ is a popular holiday destination among celebrities including Michael Jordan, Beyonce and Jeff Bezos.

A piece of Galešnjak will set you back over $20 million Australian dollars.

Today’s Weather

It’s a gloomy start to the day this morning, but the clouds will part for a brighter end to your Valentine’s Day. Look out for clear skies and lighter winds this afternoon.

A top of 23 degrees in Melbourne; 22 in Geelong.

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