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Moshpit on SYN 30/7/2020


Mosh pit on SYN-30/7/2020 Full Show.Rock and roll trivia.Punk and Metal Knowledge. All things rock, punk, and metal.

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  1. Anarchy - Gob Patrol
  2. Hollywood Hills - Sir Winston
  3. Ms Crumby - The Audition Band
  4. Talking To Myself - Sleeping With Sirens
  5. Waster - PAPERWEIGHT
  6. Neighbour - Ugly Kid Joe
  7. Careless Whisper (George Michael cover) - Seether
  8. Man In The Box - Alice in Chains
  9. Gangsta's Paradise (Coolio cover) - Like A Storm
  10. Documentary - Strike Anywhere
  11. Hands Tied - Like Pacific
  12. Hole In The Earth - Deftones
  13. Scattering The Ashes - Trivium
  14. Bow Down To The Clowns - Onslaught
  15. H. - Tool
  16. Premonitions of You - Year of the Knife
  17. Creep - Alpha Wolf
  18. The Gray - Sharptooth
  19. Sepulcher of Altercation - Carnation
  20. Zerchen - Varg

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