Moshaholic Playlist Week 2!

First Hour:
Machine Head – Vim
Minor Threat – Salad Days
Gorilla Biscuits – Big Mouth
Descendents – Surburban Home
Dinosaur Jr. – Not You Again
White Chapel – Vicer Exciser
Confession – She’s Not What She Seems
Parkway Drive – Deliver Me
Bad Religion – No Control
Right Mind – Activate
Monte Carlo Scene Stealers – Ulterior Motives
Old Skin – Bakery
Nasum – Inhale/Exhale
iwrestledabearonce – Tastes Like Kevin Bacon (Request For Fran and Taylor)
iwrestledabearonce – See You In Shell
2nd Hour:
Urgent!Blood! – Urgent!Blood! (Request For Mitch)
Machine Head – Now I Lay Thee Down
Necromantix – Who Killed The Cheerleader?
Soundgarden – Full On Kevin’s Mom
I Killed The Prom Queen – Death Certificate For A Beauty Queen
HIM – And Love Said No (Request For Felicity)
50 Lions – Time Is The Enemy
Deez Nuts – Like There’s No Tomorrow
Agnostic Front – Liberty
Comeback Kid – Crooked Floors
Parkway Drive – Guns For Show, Knives For A Pro
Whitechapel – Possession
Nazarite Vow – Dictators

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