“Mother And Son” – Mother And Son

Wollongong duo Mother and Son have created a frenetic, fast paced and suitably dirty mix of surf rock, blues and garage with the release of their self titled album. Vocalist/Guitarist Bodie shifts between anguished cries and a deep bluesy drawl, singing more like he’s come from a Mississippi swamp than the east coast of Australia. His guitar work is dark, distorted and well complemented by drummer Matman’s consistent and driving beats. The darkness and anguish is where this album’s success lies and believability is the key here. The raw sound of the vocals and instrumentation makes you feel like you’re front and centre watching these guys pour their heart and energy out live in some dodgy bar hidden off the highway.
As you lead your way from opener instrumental “Mosquito” to the album’s finish “Closing Theme” you’ll want to flail your limbs, bang your head and immerse yourself in the album’s more energetic tracks, but make sure to pay some attention to the slower more understated tracks like “Creature From The Swamp”, “Redcoats” and “Johnny Boy” where Bodie’s vocals and the darker themes of the album really step up and the pain inside these lyrics really shows. Mother and Son is a dark trip to the surf swamp worth taking.

– Jonathan Brown