Music Department meeting and the precious

Today  was the ‘Big One’ the Music  department  meeting, more on  that later…..
Today we did more Admin and  finished it all but there  will  be more after the info night, when i give in my membership form i’m going to attach a chocolate and a note  saying thank you because i know what they have to do when they are  putting me into the membership database.
Next we met Eddie the news reader he told us to right up a small news report on a  topic from  the list provided, i chose the Thailand stabbing. After i finished my awesome report  Eddie came over and fixed a  bit of it because i still needed some help with bits of my report. What can i say when he finished it it went from awesome to GENIUS!
Eddie then took us to the studio where Ashira, Evie and I all presented our topics on air giving Eddie a break for that news segment.
Then we were joined by Panorama in which we st in and listened and then talked about how the bottom 5% of teachers should or should not be fired for not doing an atequet job. Then we were joined again by Eddie and tested us all on our animal sounds(we all sucked). Then we read out more of the news again except this time Eddie took Evie’s spot, you could tell almost straight away he was a news reader just by the tone of his voice it was channel Ten quality.
Had a break (15min)
This was it the ‘scary’ music department meeting. First we arrived and told our names and what music we listen to which was really hard concidering i don’t really listen to much music but i went out there and said ‘Black Keyes.’ Next they lady in charge (Bell) said that if we wanted to we could we could sort out the music. But then she said we could take any Cd’s from the three cubords. When i looked left Ashira was gone and before you new it she had a pile of Cd’s. Hesitated at first only grabbing one Cd then another, then another and another, before i knew it my bag was overflowing with Cd’s with cool art on the fonrt covers. 6:10 and Ashira and Evie had left but i was still going crazy in the cubords i didn’t even notice, everyone probably thought i had some sort of music/art disease. Then i calmed myself, i had become like G craving more of the precious Cd’s. Finally i had tired myself, and i tidied up the Cd’s and stacked them then i said goodbye to Bell and left for home.
But i was still craving the precious Cd’s, but the hundereds of Cd’s in my bag would have to keep me satisfied until i get another looks at the preciouses.

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