Music FAQ

How do I send music to SYN?

All physical mail can be sent directly to:

The Music Manager
SYN Music Dept, SYN Media
PO Box 12013 A’Beckett St
Melbourne, VIC 8006

Please include a biography, and contact details (especially your email address) with your mail. If sending multiple CDs, use one envelope/package only. Do not send the same release in multiple envelopes/packages. Do not mail individual presenters, programs or staff members music. Please direct your mail to the title of ‘music manager’ and not the person currently filling the role. To directly contact the music manager, you can email [email protected] 

I have a music video for 1700/SYN television. How do I send it?

Send all music videos on DVD-format to the following address:

Music @ 1700/SYN Television
SYN Music Dept, SYN Media
PO Box 12013 A’Beckett St
Melbourne, VIC 8006

For further information on sending your music videos to SYN television, you can contact [email protected]

How Many CDs should I send to SYN?

All music sent to SYN is placed in our music library for presenter access. Additional copies of releases are passed onto key programs, presenters and producers for airplay. Sending more copies of your release increases your chances of airplay. Around three to five copies of a release is usually more than enough to ensure that our key music programs will receive your music.

How do I send MP3s/digital releases to SYN?

To send your music digitally to SYN, you can contact [email protected] and make sure to attach a press-release/biography with your email.

Send your music via digital download links (i.e yousendit, mediafire, sendspace, etc). We can listen to audio-streams but we can’t put them to air so we must be provided with a download link. All music sent to syn must be at least 320kbps/mp3 or .wav/flac quality. We will not play anything below 320kbps on air.

How do I send music to a specific program?

If you’d like your music to reach a specific program or presenter, please leave a note within your package for the music manager and it will be sorted to them directly. Do not mail additional CDs directly to other programs. Do not mail additional CDs to presenters. SYN’s programming and presenters routinely change with each radio season and you may be sending mail to shows and presenters who are no longer broadcasting. All music should be sent to the above address as directed.

How do I get on the SYN sweet 16 and what is it anyway?

The SYN sweet 16 is a weekly selection of 16 tracks compiled by the music department. These songs are put on our auto-dj playlist and are programmed on our flagship programs Get Cereal (weekdays 6am-9am), The Hoist (weekdays 7pm-8pm) and New & Approved (weekdays 6pm-7pm). All songs added to the sweet 16 will receive airplay on SYN at some point during the week of their selection and presenters are encouraged to play them in standalone programming.

8 Australian tracks and 8 international tracks are chosen each week and no artist can be repeated on the sweet 16 within a period of 6 weeks of last being featured. All music sent to us is considered for the sweet 16 but due to the limited space available, we pick only the best and most exciting music that reaches us.

How can I know if you’ve received our CDs and if it’s gone to air?

All music sent to the above address and to the Music Manager is listened to within 2-3 weeks of postage. All music is placed into SYN’s music library for general presenter access. If we really dig something, CDs will be passed on to key programs for airplay consideration and we will send you an email informing you which programs have received your music.

Due to the large volume of music we receive, please understand it can be hard to track down detailed information on the individual airplay of particular songs or give direct feedback to artists on their music, we encourage you consult individual programs playlists to see if music has gone to air.

How do I arrange an interview on SYN Radio/Television for my band/artist?

Please note: we get a large volume of artists/bands/djs wanting to be interviewed on SYN Media – unfortunately we can’t respond to every request that reaches us. SYN’s Music manager DOES NOT handle interview requests.

Can you review our CDs/shows-gigs-performance?

SYN has a vibrant and exciting online reviews publication and hub. To request your music/live performance-gig reviewed by SYN, you can contact [email protected] and CC in [email protected]

Do you have a gig guide? How can I tell a show about my gig?

SYN is currently working on creating a gig guide, in the interim you can contact [email protected] and the information will be passed onto relevant programs.

How do I arrange giveaways for tickets & CDs on your shows/email listings/website?

For all giveaway requests, you can contact [email protected] for further information. Due to the large volume of requests we receive, we can only accommodate a minimal amount of giveaways on air. As a community non-profit broadcaster we are further limited by the amount of air-time we can give to promotions and giveaways.

How else can I promote my music/band?

SYN offers affordable packages of on-air radio campaigns and promotions for artists and bands. You can also arrange for add-banners on our website. For more information on sponsorship and promotions at SYN, you can reach [email protected]

We’re already getting airplay and you’re promoting our gigs – why should we pay for a promotional campaign?

SYN is a non-profit community organisation dedicated to giving Melbourne’s youth culture access and training in the media and supporting local, independent artists and talent. By arranging a promotional campaign with SYN you are giving us much needed money to help keep us on air, improve our broadcasting equipment and services and keep the organisation afloat for years to come. Share the love!