My 10 Day Movie Challenge

On my personal Instagram account (@viv_micic), I completed the 10 day movie challenge last year. Actors including Zachary Quinto and Asa Butterfield completed this challenge too. Personally, I think that this challenge is an awesome way to give a shout out to some really great films and recommend them to the people you know. (For my movie recommendations, see my earlier post:

What is the 10 day movie challenge? Basically, each day for 10 days you post up a still from a movie that has impacted or inspired you. All posts should have #10daymoviechallenge in the caption. No descriptions are allowed. However, I’m a bit of a rule breaker so I thought I’d share the trailers for each of the movies in my 10 day movie challenge here (I also have little bits from the movies in my Instagram story in the highlight titled #10dmc).

Day 1: Love, Simon (2018)

Day 2: Phenomenon (1996)

Day 3: What Dreams May Come (1998)

Day 4: The Railway Man (2014)

Warning: This move has torture scenes.

Day 5: The Great Gatsby (2013)

Day 6: Letters to Juliet (2010)

If you want to write to Juliet, you can find more information here:

Day 7: The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012)

Warning: This movie has scenes that may be triggering for some viewers. There is also drug and alcohol use.

Day 8: Hugo (2011)

This movie is one of my absolute favourites!

Day 9: Kiss & Cry (2017)

Warning: Have a box of tissues nearby when watching this.

Day 10: Dead Poets Society (1989)

Warning: This movie contains scenes that may be triggering for some viewers.



Unfortunately, I had to narrow my list down to only 10 movies. However, I think these movies that didn’t make it on to my official list deserve a shout out.



Bonus: Forrest Gump (1994)

Bonus: Selma (2015)

Bonus: Where to Invade Next (2016)

*sings the American national anthem*

This movie is a documentary, and it is the only documentary on my list. This movie has opened my eyes to how people live in European countries in comparison to the United States of America.


Bonus: Patch Adams (1998)

Bonus: The Fault in Our Stars (2014)

Warning: Have a box of tissues nearby when watching this.



What do you think of my list? Have I excluded any great movies? Has this inspired you to complete the #10daymoviechallenge?

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