My experience at SYN!


It has been one action packed and eventful week of work experience at SYN, and during these 5 days I have taken an exceptional liking to the atmosphere and people, that I have chosen to come back as a volunteer!  SYN is not just an organization run by the youth. SYN is a family of people that are close knit and welcoming to everyone, they keep you wanting to come back and you finally can feel like you belong somewhere. 

From the studio to the SYN house everything about this place is inviting. SYN also offers a different range of various activities that are hands on right from day 1 of your experience, it helps to get involved and meet new people.  I am glad that I have chosen SYN for my work experience as it gives me an insight on what I want to pursue for my future.  

I am proud to say that I will actually miss this place and all the people I have met!


SYN Work Experience

October 19th 2014
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