Without getting lost or arriving late I got to SYN not know what to expect because things had been changed around a bit.  Today we worked with Panaroma and helped out with their stories…We felt like we had been thrown in the deep end of journalism with a task of hitting the State Library and RMIT to ask people about Melbournes increase in population over the past 11 years and If Australia is a comfortably racist country.. Sound pretty simple right?? Well not for two high school girls one who is the a part-time hermet crap (Me) and the other one hating approaching people (Vanessa). So we thought of a slight alternative…. Vanessa asked me questions on melbournes population and i answered with the best voice different from my own… lets just say one of them was a little too good and the executive producer noticed :/ After we edited it and gave it to her and the others and they heard it they did piss themselves laughing but did tell us not to do that :/ they didnt end up usng it but they did interview us briefly on air :)Tim the EP of Objection did steal us away to do some recordings for some adds which  fun and being the perfectionist he is I had to repeat lines a couple of times hahaAfter Panaroma we sat in the Music Meeting which was really good we listened to what people were listening to (most i didnt know :/) and at the end i may have taken some sample music for my self hehe ERMERGERD!!! ITS THE SECOND LAST DAY ALREADY!! NOOOOOO!!!! Sad moment…I have to go though because its getting cold 🙁 Ciao…


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