My wacky but awesome first day of work experience at SYN

Well hello there, I’m Ashira and this is my first post about my work experience at SYN.

My day started in a typical way of getting out of bed, eating breakfast and trying to find my way to the house of SYN. Which was surprisingly easier to find than I thought, When I opened the door I was nerves but excited to begin the day, but all the nerves went away when I received a warm welcoming by a lovely blond woman called Kristina that was sitting at her desk. She then handed me information book and my time table for the week and introduced me to lord Thom esquire the 3rd,  Our other work experience companion then showed up (Queen Evie daughter of David). Kristina then got as all together and we introduced each other and walked to the SYN studio for a tour and an overview on Media Law, which was boring but extremely informative. She answered our questions and gave us a brief demonstration on how the recording studio worked.

We then walked back to the house of syn and sat in on a staff meeting and to be completely honest it was extremely boring, I honestly didn’t understand anything they were talking about, all that ended up transmitting though my brain was musketeers. 

After a very long hour past it was break time! Evie, Thom and I went to Melbourne central were I indulged in some amazing Thai food.  And we all got to know each other a little better. We then started to walked back when it was a ten to 3 and when we arrived it was admin time, YAY… admin time is when we have to put though new member on to the system which is ever fun…

Out last part of the day and my personal favourite was watching and being part of Objection! We got to meet them and have a little chat on the radio, I was a little nerves because I have never been live on air but I did it and it was a pretty awesome experience. We all got nick names which, Evie was Queen Evie daughter of David, Thom was lord Thom esquire the 3rd and I was lady Ashira but at the end I was ashira blaah because I go for Collingwood.

Anyway, my first day of work experience was pretty awesome
and I am excited for the other days to come!


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