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“Mythbusters” on The Naughty Rude Show – 6th August 2017


On this episode of the Naughty Rude Show, Carlin, Jacqui and Erin are busting all your sex, body, relationship and health myths! We share the most ludicrous myths we’ve heard in our time, and answer your questions at thenaughtyrudeshow.tumblr.com/ask!

Some of the sources we chat about on the show:

Video from Mental Floss on YouTube featuring Dr. Aaron Carroll, “20 Misconceptions About Sex”



  1. Boys - Charli XCX
  2. Freeze - Nina Las Vegas
  3. Supercut - Lorde
  4. Godmanchester Chinese Bridge - The Howl & The Hum
  5. Vitriol - Bluejuice
  6. Tomorrow Never Came - Lana Del Rey ft. Sean Ono Lennon
  7. We Like To Party - Original Mix - Showtek
  8. Get Me A Drink - Alice Ivy
  9. Lay It On Me - Vance Joy
  10. Next Year - Two Door Cinema Club
  11. Funeral Pyre - Julien Baker
  12. For Real - Mallrat
Erin Dick

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