National Volunteer Week 2021: SYNner Spotlights!


Happy National Volunteer Week! SYN would be nothing if it weren’t for the efforts and passion of our incredible vols, who make the content you hear, see and read on SYN. We especially want to praise our SYNners for their resilience, creativity and enthusiasm throughout 2020 and the first half of 2021 – It’s been a tough year for the sector, but young people continue to set the tone as we take on this new world.

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We asked some of our volunteers what they enjoy most about volunteering, and being at SYN!

“What I like most about volunteering at SYN is that I get to work along side all these amazing other volunteers to be able to work our hardest to be able to put our radio shows together. What I most about volunteering in general is meeting all new people with all different diversity’s and being able to share strategies that are helpful.” – Portia Horsfall, Get Cereal Assistant Producer

“When you’re volunteering at SYN, there’s no hesitation when you decide to get involved. So many doors are immediately thrown open for you, and the attitude of the community always supports you to do more and create in your own way!” – Tal Sardone, Represent Co-Executive Producer

“What I like about volunteering at SYN is meeting so many lovely and supportive people. It’s great to be surrounded by people who will always try their best to help you be the best radio/tv person. I’ve created so many unforgettable memories and SYN has helped me refocus my career goals. The thing that I like most about volunteering is that you get to try something new in a mostly low risk environment. Volunteering let’s you make mistakes, learn from them and to grow from these experiences.” – Celeste Chan, Co-Radio Manager

“What I love most about volunteering at SYN are all the friendships I’ve formed. Not only is it a rewarding and fun experience being involved with SYN but the friendships I have made with other leadership team members or hosts I work with are amazing. I have met people I might not have otherwise met and gotten along like a house on fire! What I like most about volunteering, in general, is the overall enjoyment I get out of it, it gives me something to do and is something that I’m passionate about. It allows me to grow my skills in a variety of areas all while having a great time.” – Riley Geary-Goodwin, The Hoist Co-Executive Producer

“[What I like most about volunteering at SYN is] how you can meet many different people here, who will be lifelong friends! Also the fact that you don’t feel pressured to do anything that you are not willing to do. [What I like most about volunteering in general is] feeling like I achieved something in life, even if it isn’t that big, and also the bragging rights that come along with it!” – Thiruavani Arunachalam-Elanthendral, Amplify Co-Executive Producer


“What I like most about volunteering at SYN is the wealth of knowledge and stories which everyone shares so willingly – it’s such a passionate community where people really do love the notion of younger people sharing stories. I love being able to give back to organisations which do so much for the greater community in terms of culture and other altruistic forms, it’s just a really nice feeling to do so!” – Selin Kaya, The Hoist Co-Executive Producer

 “I love that young people such as myself are given the opportunity to explore passions in media in such a welcoming and supportive environment and are able to create amazing and personal content! [What I like most about volunteering in general is] the ability to give something back to the community, whilst having the opportunity to meet other people who are just as passionate as you are.” – Nick Sarlos-Welsh, Amplify Co-Executive Producer