About The SYN Nation Project

SYN Media’s SYN Nation project (previously National Youth Media Project) is an initiative designed to offer broadcasting and media making opportunities for a diverse range of young people from around Australia.

Working in collaboration with local community radio stations from non-metropolitan regions, SYN provides young people with guidance, training and ongoing support in creating media content.

Since the launch of the project in early 2014, SYN has worked with several regional and interstate community radio stations; Bay FM in Byron Bay, Edge Radio in Hobart, Gippsland FM in Traralgon, 3Way FM in Warrnambool, 2XX FM in Canberra, Wangki Yupurnanupurru Radio in Fitzroy Crossing, WA, Radio Fremantle in Fremantle, 2BOB Radio in Taree, M.E.T FM at Murdoch University in Perth, Woroni Radio at the Australian National University in Canberra and most recently Waringarri Radio in Kununurra, WA.

The project is continuously evolving and expanding. If you want to get involved, email [email protected]

From 2014 – 2019, SYN broadcast SYN Nation: a single DAB+ radio destination for listeners to hear diverse content produced by young people from all over the country. In early 2019, SYN transitioned to a simulcast radio format, combining local and interstate programming into one channel, simply known as “SYN”.

SYN currently broadcasts over 15 hours or regional radio content per week via 90.7fm, SYN on DAB+ radio and online at

The SYN Nation Project is at the intersection of the local and the national; facilitating youth engagement in local community radio stations and simultaneously providing audiences with more dynamic, interesting and fresh content from Australia’s next wave of media makers.

SYN is dedicated not only to having content that is relevant to all parts of the country, but also giving 12­ to 25 year olds from all around Australia the opportunity to have their programs broadcast to national audiences.

Listen live online from where ever you are, or if you’re in Melbourne, tune in on your digital radio receiver (haven’t got one? Find out where you can get one here).

Launching SYN Nation

As with many exciting and new things at SYN, we try and come up with quirky ways of promoting them. In the case of SYN Nation, we revived the ‘We’re Coming’ campaign (from our FM launch) and re-labeled it ‘We’re Coming. Again.’ We even had condoms involved – oh the innuendo!

NATIONAL Flagship Shows