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Be The Change

We dare, lead, empower, combat, uprise, inspire, and take action for our future. You'll hear interviews with leaders, shakers and change makers from all over the world, who stand up for what they care about.
Woroni Radio

The Woroni Hour

From our partners at Woroni Radio. The best bits from Woroni's radio shows and podcasts, broadcast from the Australian National University in Canberra.
Don't Govern My Dog

Don’t Govern My Dog

From Woroni Radio at ANU Canberra. Don't Govern My Dog seeks to find the broader themes hiding in politics and cinema; love, fear, faith and anger.
Its Eurovision

It’s Eurovision

From Woroni Radio at ANU Canberra. From the history to the politics, from the sequins to the songs, It's Eurovision cover the world’s greatest and wackiest entertainment show from every angle.
Woroni Radio

Nyet Polchasa

From Woroni Radio at ANU Canberra. Once referred to by a very special listener and an ex-president of the United States as "the key to world peace", Nyet Polchasa is the answer to a question that nobody asked.
Woroni Radio

No News Is Good News

From Woroni Radio at ANU Canberra. No News Is Good News is a news show with a twist of comedy, presented by Aleyn Silva and Coquohalla Connor.
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Blake and Joe

From 2BOB Radio, join Taree's very own Blake and Joe for some ripper tunes and fresh banter (or is it the other way around?)
Mat Morgan, host of The Songwriters

The Songwriters

Hosted by singer-songwriter and Gippsland FM presenter Mat Morgan, The Songwriters is a fresh programme showcasing up-and-coming talent.
Logo for Bee and Drew

Bea and Drew

From Radio Fremantle. Your new favourite radio hosts, broadcasting from Whadjuk Noongar country.
Fair Comment_DDN image

Fair Comment

From 4EB and 4ZZZ via the Community Radio Network: Fair Comment is a program that lets real people tell their story. Hear […]

That’s What I Call Science

From Edge Radio via the Community Radio Network: Spanning local, national and global topics, our team of women science and tech hosts bring […]

Current Gen

Young people aged 12-13 from Gippsland FM.
The Mixed Bag logo

Mixed Bag

From our partners at Radio Fremantle. The best new stuff from across the musical spectrum, as well as a few old tunes for good measure.
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Retro Rewind

From 2BOB Radio Taree, join your host Bailey each week as he spins some classic tunes from years gone by.

Bust Down Thursdayana / Fort Brox

From our partners at Murdoch University in Perth. Bust Down Thursdayana: Hosted by Toby, Bust Down Thursdayana offers some chill vibes as […]

Murdoch on the Dance Floor / Confinement

From our partners at Murdoch University in Perth. Murdoch on the Dance Floor: A pun based on the famous song, and hosted […]

Tools Down Friday / South St Sidewalk

From our partners at Murdoch University in Perth. Tools Down Friday: Hosted by Michael, as we approach the end of the work […]

The Collective / Arvos With Abbey

From our partners at Murdoch University in Perth. The Collective: Made up of the collection of 4 team members with different interests […]

Rippa Mondays / Stuck On Shuffle

From our partners at Murdoch University in Perth. Rippa Mondays: Hosted by Sam, Rippa Mondays aims to be an informative and entertaining […]

East Kimberley Kids Show

The latest from our partners at Waringarri Radio. Young people from Waringarri Radio 6WR in Kununurra play their favourite tracks and talk about […]
Youth Media Hub

FX Youth On Air

Hailing from the Fitzroy Valley in the remote Kimberley Region of Western Australia. Fitzroy Valley Youth On Air is a showcase of […]

The Dating Pool

Take a deep dive into The Dating Pool, as host Lisa Robinson takes you on a weekly journey through the trials and […]

That’s What She Said

Do you love the guilty pleasure of celebrity gossip and shade? Let Lily and Phoebe take you on a journey of female […]
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Snap, Crackle, and K-Pop

From 2BOB Radio Taree, Em & Iz present an eclectic mix of K-Pop & more.

Fitzroy Valley Youth ON AIR!

A weekly showcase of content produced by young people from the Fitzroy Valley region of Western Australia.

What Are People Watching?

Catch up on movie & TV reviews from our partners at Gippsland FM. Join host Keely Rooney as she discovers what people […]
The Edge

The Edge

Broadcasting from Fitzroy Crossing in the remote Kimberley Region of WA, The Edge aims to inform people across Australia on the news […]

The Hypothetical

  Following a gross miscalculation of talent and aptitude, two dudes wind up cracking jokes on a radio show while discussing absurd […]

Youth Connect

Cat and Will bring you the latest in local and national youth content, examining key issues, talking smack, and delivering the tunes. A Latrobe Valley exclusive space for us yoof to learn and enjoy radio.

Family Foundations

Family History Show
Black and Turquoise Circle Music Logo

Business Talks

Nurul Driver talks to potential and current business owners about their experiences on starting up their business ventures and tips on how to get started in the business world. Snag some handy tips on starting up your own business venture here now
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The Jingle

Lloyd Connolly and Martin Ditmann's look at historical ad jingles and society.

Historically Speaking

Join Alex and Andrew as they explore aspects from the history of Melbourne and Australia. Fridays 5-6pm on SYN Nation.  
facethefacts (10)

Face the Facts

We are Georgia and Lucy and this is our new radio show, Face the Facts, airing on SYN Nation, Wednesdays at 7pm. […]

School of Rock

We are School of Rock, a youth training program on Edge Radio 99.3FM in Tasmania here on SYN Nation! All of our […]
Farter Figures Logo

Farter Figures

This show is all about celebrating one half of the globe responsible for creating us. Basically, Farter Figures will be delving into the […]
Front & Centre Logo

Front & Centre

Front & Centre, with Sean and Julza, is a SYN Nation Seasonal dedicated to highlighting the amazing achievements of incredible young people that deserve to be in the spotlight. We will be interviewing an extraordinary young individual every week, whether they be a musician, artist, entrepreneur, or anything in between! We will also be discussing phenomenal, unheard of and unreported news that we believe should be brought Front & Centre (get it?). Tune in Thursdays 7-8pm on SYN Nation to hear it all!

Memory Drain

Hosted By Maria Dunne, Memory Drain is a show that takes you on a trip down Memory Lane. Panellists will discuss different […]


Ignorance is This Podcast Logo

Ignorance Is This

“Ignorant by Choice meets Ignorant by Default”   Hosted by Scott Martin and Oliver Dear, ‘Ignorance is This’ is a program about Oliver’s attempt […]
KA logo 500x500 blue

Kid Amnesiac

If you’re looking for a trivia show that takes the most convoluted routes possible throughout the fields popular music, Kid Amnesiac is […]

C’mon Get Happy!

Welcome to C’mon Get Happy! A radio show where we explore all the different avenues young people walk down in the pursuit […]

Cartoon Heroes

A radio show all about cartoon’s of the late 80s, 90s and early naughties. At Cartoon Heroes we love a good nostalgic […]

¡El rincón español! – The Spanish Corner

Bienvenidos a todos al ricón español, welcome everybody to The Spanish Corner! We are your hosts, Angie and Chris. Angie is from […]
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The Hot Tag

Redesign. Rebuild. Reclaim.
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Ever struggled to get work, despite seeming to do everything right? Pathways discusses what people are doing for work, how people are getting work and what you can do to improve your chances of getting employed.

One Stop Metal Shop

Tune into One Stop Metal Shop Friday Nights From 8pm till 9. One Stop Metal Shop is your one stop show for […]

Kick it into Career

Kick it into Career is your brand-spanking-new virtual career guide broadcasting Wednesdays 4-4:30PM on digital radio station SYN Nation Careers are such a big […]
The Ditch Podcast with Josh and Aidan

The Ditch

A weekly look at sport and current affairs in Australia and New Zealand. Expect some big opinions and plenty of jokes about […]
can you dig it logo

Can You Dig It?

A show for anyone who loves hip hop, r&b, soul and jazz fusion. Episdoe 1:

But Where Are You REALLY From?

Hello! We’re Adam, Felicity and Sheera and we are the hosts of But Where Are You REALLY From? This is a light […]

Tongue Tied

An improvisational game show where contestants come on air, every Tuesday at 9pm, to compete for imaginary points with chaotic and insane answers to the hosts games.
Lab Rats Show Logo

Lab Rats – The SYN Science Show

Lab Rats with Nicholas and Alayna is the seasonal show about SCIENCE on SYN Nation. We talk about news and recent discoveries in the science sector! We have interviews with real research scientists who do the work discovering things about the world! We explain scientific ideas, knowledge, and concepts without the technical jargon!
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Chick Chat

Join Kyra Harding chat all things chick! Tune in Monday nights at 8PM for your weekly dose of female artists and the […]

Loony Poony

Tune into the Loony   The gang at Loony Poony have assigned themselves the task of breaking norms: specifically when it comes […]
Screen Shot 2016-10-03 at 3.40.49 pm

Reason Rising

Reason Rising is about celebrating the most important achievements of our species, with reference to the mental mechanics that have made such […]

Global Groove

Global Groove is your round-the-world ticket to discovering great music. Feed your wanderlust every Monday night 9-10pm on Syn Nation. Global Groove […]
made in melbourne

Made In Melbourne

Join Kyra and Andrew as they discuss the latest news, current affairs, events and other happenings in Melbourne; all while playing some sweet […]

The Hot Tag – Podcast

Lace up your boots. It’s time for the Hot Tag, your weekly round-up of all things pro wrestling. We’re your hosts Erin […]

Textual Healing

Join Alice and Claudia as they delve into the world of words, narrative, and storytelling each week. Guests share their favourite books […]

One Stop Metal Shop

One Stop Metal Shop Is a show that will play the best metal songs each week. I will also so be giving […]

Aus Unplugged

There’s nothing better than going to a local gig and discovering your new favourite band. We love Australian music and want to […]

I’m Not From Here

After moving East from Western Australia in March of 2016, Josh Martin is Victoria’s newest Melbournite. Each week he experiences something different that […]

Human 2.0

Human 2.0 is a show that aims to sort the facts from the fiction of current affairs and the burning issues that […]

Get Off My Lawn

Maddy bumbled her way through adolescence and came out mostly intact. With the end of her youth rapidly approaching, it’s time to […]

The Girl And The Fella

Catch up with ‘The Girl And The Fella’ every Tuesday night on SYN Nation where they put the social in social media

What’s Trending

Tune in to What’s Trending every Wednesday at 9AM to hear Johanna break down what the world has been talking about on […]


He said Cricket is a legendary sport. She said Psychics are real. No one said agreeing was going to be easy. SYN […]

The Illustrious Fact Show

Did you know the colour blue was invented in 1969 by the CIA to make children spend more time reciting the rainbow? […]


Join Nina and Phoebe as they take two new guests every Thursday down a musical memory lane. Tune your earholes to SYN Nation […]

G and T

Just two girls looking back at the good times. Your go-to show for everything nineties and naughties!

Just A Grrl

Join Laura each week on a musical journey from 1990 through to 2015 by ladies and only ladies. Each week will focus […]

Feminist Buzzkill

The media commentary show where it’s always that time of the month!

Forkman and Timtam for the drive home

Tune in to Forkman & Timtam for the drive home for loads of fun. every Tuesday from 4pm

Unidentified Lights In the Sky

An interstellar journey into the subharmonic frequencies that constitute the material world.

Everything’s Coming Up Milhouse

Join Maddy and Nathan Steinkoler as they critically discuss ‘The Simpsons’ and their influences. Every Sunday in Summer Season, 8PM on SYN […]


Fine wine, aged cheese, antique furniture; these are all things that will not be discussed on SYN Nations new comedy show, Non-Vintage. […]

Your Alternate Evening

Join your hosts Kyle, Mitch and Bianca as they play you a selection of alternate music and chat to special guests! Catch […]


Envirence is a one hour show all about the environment! Broadcast from Fitzroy Crossing in the heart of the Kimberley join Dylan […]

No Scrubs

Scrub (adj.) A guy who thinks he’s fly, also known as a buster. Join Louella, Kelly and Toni each week as they […]

Rappin’ All Over The World

Join Chris and Nina as they travel all over the world from Australia to the USA exploring rap culture everywhere they go!

It’s A Match

It’s A Match is a show about dating in the app age. Lindsey has been on 23 Tinder dates. She’s still swiping. […]

Banter 2: Electric Boogaloo

Join us for our second season of ‘banter.’ every Thursday from 4-6pm to hear two comedic minds (and sometimes guests) talk about […]

The Beat Goes On

Chris takes you through the rich history of hip hop from 1979 all the way to 2015. Showcasing 3 years each show […]

the favourites

THE FAVOURITES is a SYN Nation radio program hosted by comedian Claire Sullivan. Each Sunday from 7 till 8pm Claire chats to […]

Take That

Take That! A twenty-something response to the pressures we face everyday. 4pm Wednesdays on SYN Nation.


Tuesday nights 7PM on SYN Nation (Digital) or streaming online. Beck and Chiara play you the best songs from the 90s and early […]

Time Bop

Tune in each week at 8pm on SYN Nation as week take a trip back in time to where the music all […]

The Identity Crisis

The Identity Crisis: The show about finding out what makes a person a person, what makes you you, and what makes me […]

Broad Talk

Broad Talk is a weekly women/ladies/girls/female identifying only radio show on SYN Nation airing at 9pm on Wednesdays. Broad Talk is dedicated […]

Mental Matters

We are Mental Matters, a group of young people dedicated to busting myths and breaking stigma around mental illness. Listen to us […]


Archie and Tigs are your new health and well being gurus. The gals are extremely well versed in what works for them […]

Words With Acquaintances

Welcome to Words With Acquaintances, a weekly show celebrating the best of words, in stunning high definition. That is to say, you’ll […]


Thomas and Brendan takes you through what it’s like to be in your 20’s in the 21st century. What we hope to […]

Clyde Devon Now

The self-stylised Chosen One of community radio, Clyde Devon brings you mind-breaking news for a post-reality world with CLYDE DEVON NOW, broadcasting […]

Summer Review

What’s on in Melbourne this summer? Let’s find out! Reviews on anything and everything happening this summer in January. Tune in Monday […]

The Alternator

The Alternator is hosted  by me Cinny playing the best in alternative music, you will not hear on mainstream radio. Includes Band […]

Tom & Olly’s Spring Radio Carnival

Tom & Olly’s Spring Radio Carnival has it all – from the dizzying heights to embarrassing lows. The swagger, the suits, the […]

Sunday Punday

This is a show about the week that was and the art of puns. That witty little turn of phrase that takes […]

Moshpit Playlist

Moshpit is SYN 90.7’s home of punk and metal from 8pm every Thursday and during the day on SYN Nation from 10am […]

Hip Hop Playlist

SYN’s Hip Hop night on Wednesdays 8pm on SYN 90.7 take over SYN Nation every Wednesday playlisting from 10-3pm.

Sweet 16 International Playlist

Every week SYN’s music team select SYN’s Sweet 16 – the top tracks of the week, with eight aussie and eight international. […]

Sweet 16 Aussie Playlist

Every week SYN’s music team select SYN’s Sweet 16 – the top tracks of the week, with eight aussie and eight international. […]

Asian Pop Playlist

The best asian pop tunes handpicked by the team behind Asian Pop Nation.

Audio Wasteland

Audio Wasteland is a late night radio funbag of comedy, anarchy and silliness with a mixture of songs, sketches, characters and interviews. […]

The Awesome Show of Awesomeness

Hey guys, My name is Sarah and I am having a go at this whole radio biz. I will center this show […]


Be prepared to be serenaded, or was that sarahnaded? every Friday at 10pm on Syn Nation. With, you guessed it, Sarah! Produced […]


42: Your guide to life, the universe, and everything. Being an adult is tough. Taxes, bills, and housing worries – they didn’t […]

Culture Shock

Culture Shock is a weekly zap of cultural anaylsis and snapshot of sub-cultures from all over the world, underground and in your […]

All Things Canberra

All Things Canberra, is a show that comes to you from the nations much loved capital Canberra. The show that features Canberra’s […]

The Social

Two guys, the news. That’s it. 

Fancy a Cup?

Fancy a cup? on SYN Nation is hosted by Alex “The Wolf” Wolf and Amy Foyster from 7pm-8pm on Thursday nights. In […]

The Difference

Bringing South West Victoria to the world 

This Is Everything

This Is Everything is whatever we want to talk about. Hosted by the team at Waveform Media in Warrnambool Victoria.

Swinburne on SYN Nation

Swinburne University of Technology Broadcast Journalism Diploma students on SYN Nation.

Murphy, Claire & Tom present – A Modern Guide to Etiquette in the Twenty-First Century and Beyond: A detailed cross-section of life from the expert minds of some.

What is it to be a functioning member of society in today’s world? Don’t have an answer? Well never fear, Murphy, Claire […]

Afternoons in Arcadia w/ Gardens in Arcadia

Afteroons in Arcadia is a themed youth radio show with a youth band from Latrobe Valley the members include: Jay Doorty, Brad […]

Wading In The Deep End

Go deep or go home.Playing all the deep house, garage, lounge, and electronic goodness from Tuesdays 7-8 PM on SYN Nation. Tune in […]

How to Be…

How . to . Be     noun    ˈhau̇–tu̇–bē :   A kind of ‘how to’ show about life, it covers […]

Cameron Cook and Friends

Cameron Cook and Friends is an hour-long talk show involving all aspects of youth, media, entertainment and pop culture.  The shows purpose […]

Print To Picture

Print To Picture: A Show About Adaptations. Each week San and Sophie discuss a book to movie adaptation and compare the two […]

The Kitchen

Adam, Matt, Josh and Rhiannon help make the ride home more enjoyable with games, humour and all round silliness while keeping you up to date with all that is in music, weird news and weather.

Street Rag Radio


Schools on Air National

Our most popular education program, SYN’s ‘Schools On Air’ live radio puts students in our on-air studio to create their own broadcasts […]

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Hosted by Airlie Grigg, Screamway plays some of the best heavy music known to man. Produced in Warrnambool, Victoria at 3WAY-FM as […]

Breaking Curfew

Breaking Curfew is SYN Nation’s late night variety show at 8PM on Saturday Nights. Pop culture, entertainment and hilarity! S3: July 18th […]

The DnM Show

The DnM Show gets down and deep on all the good (and bad) things in life. Need relationship or life advice? Don’t […]


SYN Snippets are soundscapes that cover just about anything! A snippet can be everything from a poem to a piece about pop […]


Unlabeled is SYNs new digital radio show which airs the latest unsigned talents from all across the globe.

Language Warning

We play the songs and bands that are considered ‘too rude for radio’. FYEAH.

Lion & Vice

A one-stop shop for navigating your quarter-life crisis.


During the 2015 Summer season, your number one soccer show on SYN ‘Kick-Off’ will be on SYNNation. From 3pm on Thursdays the […]

The Wind Up

The Wind Up with Conor Ayres (ABC 3), Ben Lewis (Network 10) and Vaya Pashos (TV freelancer) SYN’s daily drive program from 2005-06 […]