SYN Media’s SYN Nation project (previously National Youth Media Project) is an initiative designed to offer broadcasting and media making opportunities for a diverse range of young people from around Australia.

Working in collaboration with local community radio stations from non-metropolitan regions, SYN provides young people with guidance, training and ongoing support in creating media content.

Check out the shows we have on air this season:

Minds In Tune

Tune in to the challenges for those with mental illness. Informing, entertaining and empowering everyone to tune in to the challenges confronting […]

Bust Down Thursdayana / Fort Brox

From our partners at Murdoch University in Perth. Bust Down Thursdayana: Hosted by Toby, Bust Down Thursdayana offers some chill vibes as […]

Murdoch on the Dance Floor / Confinement

From our partners at Murdoch University in Perth. Murdoch on the Dance Floor: A pun based on the famous song, and hosted […]

Tools Down Friday / South St Sidewalk

From our partners at Murdoch University in Perth. Tools Down Friday: Hosted by Michael, as we approach the end of the work […]

The Collective / Arvos With Abbey

From our partners at Murdoch University in Perth. The Collective: Made up of the collection of 4 team members with different interests […]

Rippa Mondays / Stuck On Shuffle

From our partners at Murdoch University in Perth. Rippa Mondays: Hosted by Sam, Rippa Mondays aims to be an informative and entertaining […]

The Woroni Hour

From our partners at Woroni Radio. The best bits from our partners at Woroni Radio, broadcast from the Australian National University in Canberra.

East Kimberley Kids Show

The latest from our partners at Waringarri Radio. Young people from Waringarri Radio 6WR in Kununurra play their favourite tracks and talk about […]
Youth Media Hub

FX Youth On Air

Hailing from the Fitzroy Valley in the remote Kimberley Region of Western Australia. Fitzroy Valley Youth On Air is a showcase of […]
The Edge

The Edge

Broadcasting from Fitzroy Crossing in the remote Kimberley Region of WA, The Edge aims to inform people across Australia on the news […]

Youth Connect

Cat and Will bring you the latest in local and national youth content, examining key issues, talking smack, and delivering the tunes. A Latrobe Valley exclusive space for us yoof to learn and enjoy radio.
The Mixed Bag logo

Mixed Bag

The best new stuff from across the musical spectrum, as well as a few old tunes for good measure. From the studios of Radio Fremantle, part of the SYN Nation project.