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Nervous Nellies Rewind 2 is a compilation podcast of clips from the October-December 2021 radio season of Nervous Nellies.

Part 1 includes the ‘Nervous Nelly of the week’, ‘Nervous network’ and ‘Access spotlight’ segments from episodes 1-2. Check below for a playlist with all songs referenced and a further listening playlist for each part!

Playlist 1: Songs referenced in NNR 2 Part 1

  1. Squarepusher – Sarcacid Part 1 [Ep 1 Nervous Nelly of the week]
  2. Eric Copeland – Alien in a Garbage Dump [Ep 1 Nervous network]
  3. Sound of Ceres – Hand of Winter [Ep 2 Nervous Nelly of the week]
  4. Sam Prekop – Smaller Rivers [Ep 2 Nervous network #1]
  5. Sam Prekop – So Shy [Ep 2 Nervous network #2]
  6. Nobukazu Takemura – Passeggiata Dalla Pensione Sul Lago Alla Cascata [Ep 2 Access spotlight]

Playlist 2: NNR 2 Part 1 Further Listening

  1. Squarepusher – Cooper’s World [An example of a drum’n’bass style Squarepusher song but strictly using live instruments]
  2. Sound of Ceres – Hand of Winter (Act So Big Forest Christmas version) [Early version of the song discussed in the Ep 2 Nervous Nelly of the week segment]
  3. Candy Claws – Snowflake Eel Wish [An example of Sound of Ceres’ previous incarnation, Candy Claws, sounding ‘nervous’ via sporadic distortion and high compression]
  4. Sam Prekop – Faces and People [The only song on Sam Prekop’s self-titled album more electronically influenced than ‘So Shy’]
  5. The Sea and Cake – Four Corners [An example of the more rhythmic-driven rock band fronted by Sam Prekop]

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