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Part 2 of Nervous Nellies Rewind includes the ‘Nervous Nelly of the week’, ‘Nervous network’ and ‘Access spotlight’ segments from episodes 3-4 of the October-December 2021 radio season. Check below for a playlist with all songs referenced and a further listening playlist for each part!

Playlist 1: Songs referenced in NNR 2 Part 2

  1. Mouse on Mars – Owai [Ep 3 Nervous Nelly of the week]
  2. Floor Baba – Explosion [Ep 3 Nervous network #1]
  3. Floor Baba – Implosion [Ep 3 Nervous network #2]
  4. Zonotope – Excellent Realms [Ep 3 Access spotlight]
  5. Múm – Sunday Night Just Keeps on Rolling [Ep 4 Nervous Nelly of the week]
  6. Sound of Ceres – Eden V [Ep 4 Nervous network #1]
  7. Sound of Ceres – Eden V (Demonstration) [Ep 4 Nervous network #2]
  8. Dendy Crew – Noonday Devil [Ep 4 Access spotlight #1]
  9. Dendy Crew – Boomer Land (Instrumental) [Ep 4 Access spotlight #2]

Playlist 2: NNR 2 Part 2 Further Listening

  1. Mouse on Mars – Tux & Damask [An example of the more upbeat electronica from Instrumentals’ sister album, Autoditacker]
  2. Mouse on Mars – Pegel Gesetzt [An example of the slower paced songs on Instrumentals]
  3. Múm – Bak Þitt Er Sem Rennibraut [An example of Múm’s output before their debut album, featuring field recordings and even crustier synths and samples]
  4. Hell Orbs – Boomer Land [Language warning! The complete ‘Boomer Land’, featuring lyrics from internet comedian Drew Toothpaste over a Dance Dance Revolution-inspired beat]

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