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Nervous Nellies Rewind is a compilation podcast of clips from the April-July 2021 radio season of Nervous Nellies. Part 1 includes the ‘Nervous Nelly of the week’ and ‘Nervous tic of the week’ segments from episodes 1-3. Check below for a playlist with all songs referenced in these segments, plus a further listening playlist!

Playlist 1: Songs referenced in NNR Part 1

  1. Cocteau Twins – Lazy Calm [Ep 1 Nervous Nelly of the week]
  2. Flume x Toro y Moi – The Difference (slowboi version) [Ep 2 Nervous tic of the week]
  3. Aki Tsuyuko – Moriji [Ep 2 Nervous Nelly of the week]
  4. Tujiko Noriko & Nobukazu Takemura – Outside of the Picture [Ep 2 Nervous tic of the week #1]
  5. Jerry Paper – Synthesized Mind [Ep 2 Nervous tic of the week #2]
  6. Black Dice – Smiling Off [Ep 3 Nervous Nelly of the week]
  7. Plug – Military Jazz [Ep 3 Nervous tic of the week]

Playlist 2: NNR Part 1 further listening

  1. Cocteau Twins – Pandora (For Cindy) [An example of a more typical/non-ambient Cocteau Twins song]
  2. Black Dice – Seabird [An example of the extended noise jam era of Black Dice from ’02-’04]
  3. Squarepusher – Sarcacid Part 1 [An example of an artist said to be influenced by Plug’s use of the amen break in drum’n’bass]

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