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Nervous Nellies Rewind Part 3 includes the Nervous Nelly and tic of the week from episodes 6-7 of the April-July 2021 radio season. Check below for a playlist with all songs referenced in these segments, plus a further listening playlist!

Playlist 1: Songs referenced in NNR Part 3

  1. Atlas Sound – Sunday Evening We Relaxed in Our Rooms and Called Each Other on the Phone [Ep 6 Nervous Nelly of the week]
  2. Talking Heads – The Overload [Ep 6 Nervous tic of the week]
  3. Stereolab – Retrograde Mirror Form [Ep 7 Nervous Nelly of the week]
  4. Nelward – Toy World [Ep 7 Nervous tic of the week]

Playlist 2: NNR Part 3 further listening

  1. Deerhunter – What Happens to People? [An example of Deerhunter’s output, the band that Bradford Cox (Atlas Sound) fronts]
  2. Atlas Sound – Stationary Blood [An example of Atlas Sound’s more bedroom rock sounding output]
  3. Stereolab – Puncture in the Radax Permutation [An example of Stereolab’s output at the turn of the century, with full access to brass, strings and other orchestral, easy listening elements]
  4. Stereolab – We’re Not Adult Orientated [An example of Stereolab’s early output, mixing drone with garage rock and singsong harmonies]
  5. Floor Baba – Whirlwind [A STAFFcirc contributor who under this moniker makes modern electronic music with video game adjacent synths – this one to me sounds inspired by Kirby 64]
  6. Jammin’ Sam Miller – DK Island Swing (Restored) [An example a video game song being ‘restored’ by finding the uncompressed synth presets used for the soundfont and plugging them back into the arrangement]

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