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DAY 5: What’s up, it’s Desiree for the last time on this work experience blog! Today we rocked up, got introduced to belle, who gave us the low down on what we would be doing today! She explained that we would be doing our own radio show for an hour to replace schools no air slot for that hour due to the fact that it is school holidays and schools on air does not air!  So we brainstormed ideas for segments ,we took a while to come up with ideas however  slowly but surely we came up with ideas for segments varying from pet peeves to weird things we’ve eaten and the list goes on! Once finshed we brought our music and added them to our sheet, that we were running from( i forgot the techincal  term for it but eh)  alternating songs one from my cd and then one from joanna’s.  Then it was time to go on air! it was pretty scary but i felt like we could do it! and during our show, i texted friends to listen so it wouldn’t be to awkward for us so that  it wouldn’t seem like we werent talking to no one. Surprisingly we got a couple of texts, which felt pretty awesome! Then the show was done, i think it went pretty well, not many stuff ups,the only one was that we were just about to play the wrong song but quickly recovered and played the correct song.THEN  BREAK! To celebrate our amazing accomplishments- ate at the RMIT cafeteria.Now im just writing this! that has been the last day so far! It has been a great week! and i really want to come back again, i enjoyed it that much! SYN is awesome! Also a big thankyou for everyone that made my week so fab! BYEEEE!!!!

October 4th 2013
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