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Germany’s finest new indie electronic duo answered some questions for us. Their debut album ‘Hymns To The Night’ is out now and you can listen to it here.


You’ve just released your album Hymns to the Night, congratulations! How does it feel to have it out there now?


It feels great. It’s been a ride for us that took us from our hometown, threw us into the big city of London, sucked it all in and learned some tricks about life and music there and then led us to beautiful Berlin where we found the space to bloom.


It was quite a long process, written and recorded over two years, is it strange to hear some of the earlier songs alongside the later ones?


Not really because we really wanted to make it a composition. They all fit together like in a house of cards‍‍ and our first priority before we started to create songs together was timelessness. So time is relative to them, there is no difference if a song is old or new, there is just a difference of how good a song is. And these 12 on there are the highest and purest form of art we both have ever created. And we think you can really hear that on our hymns.


The album was recorded in Funkhaus Berlin, what impact does the setting have on the record?


The impact is big but it only influenced the feeling that was there, in our music, before anyways.

The Funkhaus is just an amplifier.


You guys have said you aim to make universal music, how exactly do you do that? That’s a pretty big scope.


Just through keeping a free approach every time we start a song. And we don’t count ourselves into a scene too much. It’s good to have a direction.

But exclusivity excludes others. And our music should be open for everyone – it’s up to the people to decide, if they like something that they wouldn’t have thought they would or not. We stay open.


You seemed to have collided musically; you were both doing different solo things before Lea Porcelain. How was it to transition from an individual to a duo?


With the help of a big friendship and a lot of common taste in music. We were meant to collide, it was just a matter of time and I think we both knew that. Ever since it’s been like a family.


And being in a duo magnified the best sides of ourselves. Opposites attract.


What influence does your different musical backgrounds have on Lea Porcelain?


Like I said, opposites attract, and our differences completed each other. It was all little pieces that came together, lyrically, technically, the production, the songwriting, the pattern of songs in club music, the feel, the dark, the deep. You can’t plan that stuff. It’s like chemistry. And if you found a combination like that you’ve got to keep it sacred.


What did you learn from recording this album that you will take on to the next album?


The best music comes in the most unexpected situations. A fancy studio won’t bring us new ideas. Keep everything interesting and fresh and always try new things. Also, do a free approach, never build patterns and always trust your instincts and the goosebumps.


What are your plans now that the albums out? Can we expect to see you in Aus??


Hopefully very soon and we would love to stay down under even to record some songs (and go surfing 😉 ).


Where do you see Lea Porcelain heading in the future? What’s the dream?


Always stay together, be friends, make great music and stay honest like at the beginning. Play the best shows, nicest festivals, have your best and honest friends and people around you and never stop dreaming big and staying humble.

Long story short: Grammy & Glastonbury


By Katie Wardley and Bridget Bourke


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