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  • COURTNEY: ADRIAN BAYLEY receives life imprisonment for the murder of JILL MEAGHER.
  • DALE:  Western Australia’s Police Commissioner KARL O’CALLAGHAN has advocated for a ban on alcohol advertising during AFL and NRL matches.
  • COURTNEY: And Metro’s Dumb Ways to Die campaign has picked up two awards at the Cannes Lion Festival.

 Good afternoon, I’m COURTNEY BIGGS. DALE: And I’m DALE HALL. Welcome to SYN News at 4. The top story on SYN today, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has criticised the Australian government on the first anniversary of his stay in an Ecuadorian embassy. Alex Robinson explains. A year after first walking into the Ecuadorian embassy, JULIAN ASSANGE has attacked JULIA GILLARD and the Australian Government for abandoning him. In an interview, MR ASSANGE labelled the Labor government as “perverted”, claiming that Australia had bent over more than any other country in the world to publicly satisfy the United States. He said “the duty of that government was to protect an Australian organisation and citizen, and it did just the opposite”  This is not the first time MR ASSANGE has attacked PRIME MINISTER GILLARD. Back in 2011 he labelled her a “suck up” to the United States. MR ASSANGE says he won’t leave the Ecuadorian embassy even if Sweden drops the extradition charges. He believes there are movements in the US to prosecute him on espionage charges. Meanwhile, Greens communications spokesperson SENATOR SCOTT LUDLAM has welcomed today’s news that the Government will pursue nationally consistent journalist shield laws, but he’s still disappointed there will be no protection against universal surveillance. SENATOR LUDLAM says the government must “do all it can to refuse and resist foreign governments spying on Australians.”ALEX ROBINSON, SYN News.  Justice GEOFFREY NETTLE has sentenced ADRIAN BAYLEY to life for the murder of former ABC employee JILL MEAGHER. JILL’s father, GEORGE MCKEON, gave a statement after the sentencing, thanking everyone involved in the investigation and the trial.  JUSTICE NETTLE said BAYLEY’S guilty plea warranted him receiving a minimum term, but said this did not indicate that he had favourable prospects for rehabilitation.  JUSTICE NETTLE was referring to BAYLEY’S dark past of rape and violence. At the time of his assault on MEAGHER, he was on parole for sexually assaulting five prostitutes in a 6 month period in 2000. Western Australia’s Police Commissioner Karl O’Callaghan has advocated for a ban on alcohol advertising during AFL and NRL matches at today’s National Alliance for Action on Alcohol forum in Canberra. Mr O’Callaghan addressed Labor, Liberal and Green politicians to call for the introduction of meaningful, evidence-based alcohol policy reforms. Mr O’Callaghan told the forum that alcohol ads during AFL and NRL games cause far more harm than betting promotion.Mr O’Callaghan said “Binge drinking and alcohol fuelled violence has reached epidemic proportions and the time for band-aid solutions is well past.” SYN spoke to Executive Officer of the Foundation for Alcohol Education and Research, Michael Thorn who was disappointed by the response of political parties at today’s forum. Mr Thorn believes the removal of alcohol advertising is more important than betting promotion.Metro’s Dumb Ways to Die campaign has picked up two awards at the Cannes Lion Festival. Ther catchy ad features animated characters who sing about stupid ways to die and warn against risky behaviour near trains It won the public relations and direct marketing categories, and is also favourite to win the Film Lions category later in the week. Metro’s Corporate Relations Manager, LEAH WAYMARK, says she’s thrilled by the awards. Ms WAYMART says the campaign has been a massive success, especially amongst young people.The Facebook server went down worldwide for approximately five minutes at 11am Australian Eastern Standard Time today.  Facebook users were greeted with an error message when they attempted to log in. Hacking group Anonymous have posted online messages claiming responsibility for attacking the site, but these claims have not been verified.    Facebook users took to Twitter to complain during the brief breakdown.   Author MICHELLE DE KRETSER has won Australia’s most prestigious literary award The 2013 Miles Franklin prize for her novel Questions Of Travel.  Ms DE KRETSER was selected from an all female shortlist of five authors, tipping the gender balance for this year’s literary award winners with the introduction of the Stella prize for women writers.   And the Northern Territory will honour former Yothu Yindi lead singer YUNUPINGU with a state funeral next month. YUNUPINGU passed away earlier this month, aged 56.You are listening to SYN News. News time, quarter past four.Heading overseas now:More than 250 thousand Brazilians have taken to the streets to protest against high government spending on the World Cup, and increases to bus fares. The protests have mainly been organised online by university students. Latin studies expert DOCTOR SHAUN BURGES, from the Australian National University, told SYN’s Panorama Brazilians are frustrated that sport is being funded at the expense of public services. President DILMA ROUSEFF has tried to calm the situation, acknowledging that the government must work to improve services and keep them affordable. She also says the protests prove the power of democracy. The protests have spread to Australia, with around 300 Brazilian-Australians gathering to protest at Federation Square last night. Brazil will host the World Cup next year, at an estimated cost of more than fifteen million dollars.Russian politicians have passed a proposal today to restrict adoptions from same sex marriages.The proposal was passed unanimously in the Duma lower house of parliament and President VLADIMIR PUTIN has already vowed to sign the bill into law when it is approved by the upper house.The new restrictions could even ban single people in more than a dozen countries from adopting Russian orphans.Tennis champion, SERENA WILLIAMS, is facing public backlash after claiming that a teenage rape victim “should not have put herself in that position.” During an interview with STEPHEN RODRICK for Rolling Stone Magazine, WILLIAMS reportedly asked if the jail sentences given to two teenagers responsible for raping a 16 year old were fair. Williams argued, ‘‘I’m not blaming the girl, but if you’re a 16-year-old and you’re drunk like that, your parents should teach you — don’t take drinks from other people.” Back home now, and dance music lovers will be disappointed to hear that Parklife won’t be going ahead this year. Organisers will be ‘resting’ the festival in 2013, and will instead run a national touring event called Listen Out, which will visit Sydney, Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane in September and October.A new ‘green’ labelling standard for cosmetics and toiletries has been released today.    Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) has produced the label and will oversee the certification of the standard. To display the label, manufacturers will need to satisfy conditions on palm oil, toxic chemicals and ‘greenwashing’.And a baby rhino has made its media debut at Werribee Zoo today. The rhino, who is yet to be named, was born two weeks ago as part of a zoo breeding program. She currently weighs eighty-four kilos, but will grow to around 150 kilos in the next few months.And now here’s JONATHON BOYLE with sport.Thanks DALE St Kilda player STEPHEN MILNE has been ruled out from playing AFL football  indefinitely after he was charged with four counts of rape. In an announcement this afternoon, the St Kilda board said he would remain on the list, but would refrain from playing him until the incident was resolved. The charges come from an incident which was first investigated back in 2004.  The ACT Brumbies tamed the British & Irish Lions last night in a historic 14-12 victory that saw the end of the tourists’ unbeaten streak on the DHL Australia 2013 Lions Tour. The Brumbies led the Lions 8-3 at half time thanks to a superb try by Tev-ita Kur-id-ran-i, which ended up being the only try of the match. The Brumbies have become the first provincial team in Australia to defeat the Lions since 1971 and the first provincial team to beat them anywhere in the world since 1997. Temperatures of a very crisp 7 degrees, did stop the large turnout of 21,655 at Canberra Stadium. Now to overseas where the Miami Heat have won game six of the NBA finals 103 – 100 against San Antonio Spurs in over time. Ray Allen pushed the game to overtime after hitting a 3 to tie the game up in the late final quarter. Coach Erik Spoelstra after the game said: “We feel grateful we have an opportunity to play for a title in a Game 7. Our guys aren’t looking for games that are less meaningful. We’re looking for games that are more meaningful and there’s nothing bigger than a Game 7.” The Game 7 decider will be held in Miami on Friday morning, our time.  Back home now with, the AFL womens nationals currently underway. Victoria are taking on WA, currently through the 4th VIC holding a strong lead 11.4 (70) to 5.1 (31). You can follow live updates on twitter with the #AFLfemalechamps. And now back to Dale with the weather. To the weather, Right now in the city, it’s fifteen degrees. We’re headed for an overnight low of four degrees, before a mostly sunny day tomorrow, with patchy morning fog and a top of fourteen.   COURTNEY: That’s all for our bulletin this afternoon. But when we’re off air, you can keep up with the news by following us on twitter at News SYN. Panorama’s coming up at 4.30 and we’ll be back with an update at 5pm. 

June 20th 2013
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