News reader and CD ripper…

 Started the day arriving late because of a dentist appointment… NOTE TO SELF CLAUDIA Be organis and dont double book days… Any way I told Kristina about being late which i suggest you do to if you ever need to it just makes it easier.I was only a half hour late so I got stuck into work as soon and I walked through the door. It was admin day today! We helped Bec to go through previous podcasts of the shows on SYN and select “The Best of SYN” and rip CD’s. I dont mean physically rip apart CD’s because that could be OH&S problem :/…. We pretty much just imported the music or sound effects from each disk and put it onto the SYN server for everyone to use. After about an hour of intense listening and excercising of opening CD cases wehad a break. MHMM…. CURRY!!! This work experience has become a food experience as well as work!After we got off our lovely food holidays we started on writing a news bulletin for the 5 o’clock news which we read on air!! ASDFHAJKSLNSNAB so cool!Eddy the executive producer of SYN news gave us the brief run down on how to write up a news story and with the help of Dale we had created a news bulletin… I swear that Dale has a ridiculous radio news voice its cray crayWell that was pretty much all for todayUntil next time keep “SYN-ing” Did you see what I did there…. Comical genius right here 


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