Noble Natives live review


The Venue ‘Section 8’ located Tattersalls Ln, Melbourne VIC, ran an event called Mellowdias Thump , in attendance was Noble Natives a music group. The opening was filled with raps pertaining a spontaneous beat they invited a friendly atmosphere, the audience opened up, attendees danced, conversation occurred and the grove was visible. Simply the music was head bopping, body moving, cool, calm, collect, and in other words AMAZING. They weaved into their lyrics the mention, of great hip hop classical tracks, one being Running by The Phrcyde and Find My Way by A Tribe Called Quest.

When noble natives started to perform their own tracks with one of the members performing in the front of the audience the moment and environment switched up. To a higher level of energy. One of the best parts of the performance was the audience participation where the audience helped with ad libs.The mood is peaceful and cooperative causing a vibe of being welcoming.Noble natives have the compabilty to raise hands where chants can be heard from the crowd.

The performance would then be accompanied by three members of noble natives where the tone of the crowd would change to positive with conversations between the two the performances and crowd would happen. One of my favorite points of the performance is when noble natives would have a freestyle rap part which displayed their creativity and inventiveness.

The performance would then be stopped due to technical difficulties but showed the music groups ability to adapt to performance issues. Noble Natives were able to keep the crowd awake even though the technical difficulties happened .

The performance would forced to stop because of the technical difficulties this would not stop the crowd from continuing to enjoy themselves where the performance was replaced by music for the time.

Noble Natives got back on stage with a restart of a song from earlier in the performance. The audience went through a repeat of the ad lib audience participation where the crowd would cooperate happily. The ad libs crowd participation helped build a good vibe where audience members would makeĀ  noise, bopped, bounced and danced to the smooth tempo and smooth vocals.

The energy of the attendees would take a shift to comfortable as the crowd took a step or two back which opened up the performers to breathe and strut their musical singing abilities. Noble Natives got the crowd going while keeping the interest of the more easy going participants. The whole mood losened up to a more down beat performance which got the performers and audience jumping,clapping and grooving.

The performance took a twist where the performance becomes cooler and deeper sounding. The audience would applaud munk mind for the singer’s efforts. The same feel continued with confidence where as the audience helped out more with open front stage dancing, jumping and wooing.

The performance jumped to another level as the crowd becomes used to the flow of noble natives. The general feel is good with more crowd members chants, dancing and grooving occurs. This moment makes the technical difficulties forgettable. The crowd is held onto every song that is performed from the point on where the audience helped out with vocals and danced with pleasure. Section 8 with full event goers participation enjoyed the performance visibly could be seen having a good time.

Noble natives continued to surprise the event goers in there performance where they brought a special guest to perform a song with them. Therefore created a fun and easy going encouraging atmosphere.

The ultimate end of the the performance was with a all out song where members of the audience gave their all and noble natives gave their all to give a celebratory end with feelings of good vibes. I would recommend anyone to see noble natives perform as you’ll be in for a treat filled with good feels,a sense of unity and a performance to remember.received_388547811807464