Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds @ The Palais, 31/01/2012

First thing’s first: I may not be my brother’s biggest fan but he can write a decent tune, except they’re all just a bit boring.  That “Record Machine” song has been around since I played with him. It’s all been done before on Morning Glory and Dig Out Your Soul. “Everybody’s on the Run” sounded alright, especially in this kind of venue but it was missing my vocals to make it really awesome. He played way too many Oasis tunes, like half of his f%^*ing set, seriously? At least he played a new track and didn’t end with “Wonderwall” because as much as I’ve grown to hate the song no one can sing it like I do. He sung one of his own  for the closer (“Don’t Look Back In Anger”), which as you’d expect the crowd ate up.
The venue was probably one of the highlights of the night. The Palais I think it was called, had quality acoustics and even better aesthetics. It had an intimate vibe but still catered for a large-ish crowd. Reminded me of the theatres back in the UK I’ve been playing with Beady Eye.  

One thing that bewildered me was how old his bloody band was. Noel does have this old man vibe though. If that wasn’t bad enough half of ’em weren’t even from the UK. The drummer f$%#ed up the start of one of the songs, what do you expect from a Yank? I’ll give props to the guy on the keys though, he was quality (and from the homeland).

I’ve already had my say on his band name but it still makes me laugh, High Flying Turds, ha! My band name at least came as the result of some sort of deliberation, it sounds like his came from too many nights of watching late night televised sermons.

The amount of jokes Noel told was something that pissed me off as well. Making jokes about St Kilda, and the crowd’s dancing I mean they weren’t even bloody funny. Who does he think he is Russell Brand?  He told more jokes than songs he played, stick to melodies over comedy mate. In saying that he does look more comfortable as a frontman than when he first started. He was a nervous wreck back then.

It wasn’t a terrible gig but again he’s just a bit of a bore. Time could be better spent by Noel by writing some more original songs so he doesn’t have to fill his whole set with our old tunes.
by Liam Gallagher
(To see what we really think of the High Flying Birds, check out our review of their self-titled debut album here.)

February 8th 2012
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