Nurses – Dracula

Technology is a beautiful thing. Aside from the obvious advancements in human interaction, medical progress and economical developments it’s allowed us music lovers to get our mitts on tunes without the need for waiting for news to finally reach us from far off lands via carrier pigeon, or whatever people did before the internet. The only problem with the speed music travels is that when the folk in the northern hemisphere are blissed-out on sun and beach parties, we are trapped inside listening to their summery jams with jealous ears. Luckily, on occasion, a release will sync up with our temperamental temperatures and we can dance in time with our American counterparts. Dracula, the latest offering from Portland based act Nurses is an album that calls for warmer climates and outdoor frolicking. Dracula ebbs and flows like some tripped-out beach party; with drone-y organs and washed out lyrics it’s unsurprising they have been compared to Animal Collective and Grizzly Bear. The comparison really only goes genre-deep however, as Nurses truly stand on their own. There is something tribal and organic in the execution of this release. The beats are simple enough and act as a dance-y backdrop to Aaron Chapman’s guttural musings, but amongst the synth and reverb-heavy guitars are the soft thunderings of bongos and sleigh bells. This is particularly evident in the double-attack onslaught of the first two tracks “Fever Dreams” and “You Lookin’ Twice”, which feature Yeasayer-esque thumps and bangs behind Chapman’s boyish falsetto.The only addition to the album that doesn’t quite fit is its single, ‘Trying to Reach You’. This is in no way a bad thing, as the track is one of the album’s stand outs, but the track seems far too clean in comparison to the rest of the LP and comes a bit out of left field with Ratatat-esque electric guitars and an infectious bass line. It seems as though it was set up to ease into the listening process and would be better off placed at the beginning of the album. But if it’s the track that led you to the release in the first place then, hey! Mission accomplished!Now that the Spring sun is offering more chances for outdoor gatherings it’s a blessing that we are still receiving summery jams from overseas. Dracula has the timeless combination of being both danceable and whimsical, and with such sing-a-long vocals it’s going to see a heavy rotation at beach barbeques and open-windowed fist pumping road trips over the latter half of the year. So go get some fresh air. You look like you need Jonty Thompson

September 20th 2011
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