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Oh Yeah! – Harley’s Newest Endeavour


The 11th of March edition of Oh Yeah! is now available below!


The show for this week was very video heavy, as Troy & Harley took a look at 3 different videos revolving around the Pizza delivery guy at the 2014 Oscars, Dickens Cider, and an event known as Superslam.


Also on this show Harley begins a new hobby of his own and brings in a gift for Troy to try out from this said hobby.

Not to spoil anything but this begins a brand new challenege between the 2 that’s sure to turn a few heads.



The videos discussed on the show can be found here:

Ellen – Oscars pizza delivery guy

Dickens Cider (Not very appropriate for children)

Superslam Phone Scam



Harley’s video and other extra content can be found on the Oh Yeah! Facebook page at facebook.com/ohyeahradio



Be sure to tune into SYN every Tuesday from 3-4pm as the Oh Yeah! revolution rolls on!

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