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Old records for a New Year

Episode 1

In almost every second hand shop in Melbourne, you can find a collection of vinyl records.

Some are scratched. Some have had their best days behind them – the ravages of the pickup needle having dulled their once vibrant sound. Some are in almost perfect condition, but for one reason or another never found an audience. Some are certifiably good, but as a result downsizing or moving house or any other reason, are now slotted away with others of varying quality.

Too often though, these records languish in boxes or on dusty shelves unlistened and unloved. Vinyl is well and truly cool again, and for vinyl sellers business is booming, but too often the humble op-shop LP is overlooked. Worse still, they’re sneered at. Seen as little more than relics of bygone musical eras, prejudged on album artwork featuring musicians with facial hair from a similarly bygone time, so many of these records will never be played again.

Op-shop Vinyl Cop puts a stop to this. Op-shop Vinyl Cop is a crate digging journey through the music of yesterday in search for the gems we shouldn’t let slip just yet. The vinyl section of the op-shop isn’t a musty collection of musical has-beens – it’s a glorious musical mixture offering those willing to take the plunge the chance to experience something new by listening to something old.

Episode One kicks off 2018 by looking back at 1974’s ‘The Magnificent Voice of Harry Secombe’ and Dionne Warwick’s cracking debut album ‘Presenting Dionne Warwick’ from 1963.


  1. East River - The Brecker Brothers
  2. It Might as Well Rain Until September - Carole King
  3. I Believe in Love - Harry Secombe
  4. Mama - Harry Secombe
  5. Wishin' and Hopin' - Dionne Warwick
  6. Don't Make me Over - Dionne Warwick
  7. Make it Easy on Yourself - Dionne Warwick
  8. After the Lovin' - Kamahl
  9. We've Only Just Begun - Ray Conniff and The Singers

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